All-New Water-Cooled Exhaust Manifold System to Boost Efficiency

The new Toyota Yaris is integrated with 1.5-litre naturally sounded engine, which offers fuel economy and better performance compared to the 1.33-litre that is replaced. The new development can also form a base for comparatively powerful turbocharged unit, which is featured in Toyota Gazoo hot hatch.

Features of the New Four-Cylinder Engine

The all-new 4-cyclinder engine offers nearly 110bhp as well as 100lb ft. of the torque that is 30lb ft. and 12bhp more compared to the outgoing motor. With this added potency, the new 1.5-litre Yaris can accelerate from 0 to 62mph within 11sec. In addition, it can also power from nearly 50 to 75mph within 17.6sec.

Furthermore, the new engine caters to the Euro6 emissions standards as well as is mainly developed for attaining nearly 39% thermal effectiveness value. The highly significant contributions that boosts the effectiveness are

  • High 13.5:1 density ratio of the unit
  • Cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system
  • Prolonged adaptable valve timing operation

All these features enable the engine in switching from Otto towards the Atkinson cycle.

Apart from this, the new engine is connected to the first water-cooled exhaust manifold system of Toyota that helps in boosting effectiveness while cruising at the motorway speeds. In addition, the new technology helps in reducing the exhaust gas temperature, thereby allowing engine to run under decreased fuel mixture and combustion temperature. All these factors ultimately enables in improving the exhaust emissions as well as fuel consumption.

Replacement of Cracked Exhaust Manifold to Eliminate Cases of Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Ford Motor Co. lately witnessed increasing pressure from Center for Auto Safety for recalling nearly 1.3Million Ford Explorer crossovers on account of rapidly rising number of cases indicating leakage of carbon monoxide. Customers with concerns regarding the carbon monoxide emissions are asked to take their vehicle to the local Ford dealer for free service targeted to reduce the formerly mentioned concern. Ford has taken immense efforts in issuing 4 technical service bulletins with regards to exhaust odor issue, in order to cater to the mounting complaints from the police fleets as well as others automobile owners. Ford manufacturers have been responsibly replacing the cracked exhaust manifolds and in the long run are planning to take a crucial step of recalling the affected vehicles for thoroughly inspecting and replacing the cracked exhaust manifold systems.

New Operational Facility of Wescast Industries to Stimulate Revenue Growth

Wescast Industries Inc. in Canada machines, casts, engineers, designs as well as assembles the exhaust system components, benefitting automotive OEMs across the globe. The Tier-1 auto supplier has moved its North America technical center and headquarters from Ontario to the Auburn Hills. The cast exhaust manifolds as well as turbocharger housings manufacturer has renovated the previous GKN Automotive building, 3300 University Drive that is vacant since past three years. The company has begun its operations by April 2018 and is expecting significant revenue growth in the forthcoming years from the new operational facility.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on Automotive Exhaust Manifold Market indicates, growing efforts of the manufacturers in developing products complying with the emission regulations including Euro 6C, is likely to trigger innovations and advancements in the overall automotive exhaust manifold market.

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