Aftermarket repair and maintenance services for automobiles are seeing a rapid increase with rising awareness among drivers about the usage of procedures such as oil changes, tire alignment, and maintenance of components including shock absorbers, drivelines, and batteries among others.

Unlike years past, modern automobiles are designed to last for a longer period, and be driven for longer distances. In addition, the poor quality of road transport infrastructure is widespread, especially in developing nations such as Brazil, China, and India.  These are key factors that contribute to vehicle wear and tear, thereby creating a strong demand for automotive repair and maintenance.

Advancements in Automotive Diagnostics Contributes to Growth

The worldwide automotive repair and maintenance services sector is projected to grow at a rapid rate in the near future, which can be attributed to increasing vehicle production around the globe particularly in emerging economies, such as China and India.

Demand of automotive repairs and service is on the rise as a growing number of drivers use their vehicles for transport to cover increasingly larger distances. The growing complexity of integral vehicle systems, are adversely affecting DIY efforts by vehicle owners and it consequently improving the prospects of automotive maintenance businesses.

Individual businesses in the sector base their profits on efficient marketing efforts and locations that are convenient for users. Large scale businesses on the other hand can afford to purchase and use the latest expensive equipment for automotive diagnostics and consequently benefit in the terms of purchases, distribution, and marketing. Smaller companies make up for their technical shortcomings by providing more personalized customer service or specialized offers such as home pickup and delivery.

Mandatory Safety Regulations Drive Growth of Automotive Servicing

Vehicle owners are required to regularly check for their vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety. This is aimed towards reducing accidents and delays arising from breakdowns, despite safe driving habits. Vehicles that are not serviced regularly are found to be more prone to accidents because of failure of components from functioning.

Rising concerns over inadequate maintenance activities and resultant accidents and fatalities is encouraging customers to repair and maintain their vehicle on a regular basis. This is anticipated to boost the growth of the worldwide automotive repair and maintenance services market in the near future.

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the global automotive repair and maintenance services market, the demand for tires and spares is anticipated to account for more than half of the growth opportunities of the sector in the coming decade.

Rising Popularity of Electric Vehicles Changes Maintenance Procedures

With growing concern over environmental pollution, electric vehicles are being increasingly adopted by drivers around the world. Since these automobiles work on electricity, they contribute in minimizing air pollution, and the resultant environment and health problems. Also, with growing use of renewable energy sources for recharging electric vehicles, a reduction of greenhouse gases will be seen. On the other hand, lack of technically skilled professionals to work with electric vehicles, will limit the automotive repair and maintenance services in this sector.

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