The compounds that act as the building blocks used in active pharmaceutical ingredients production, pharmaceutical intermediates are gaining tremendous traction with the growth exhibited by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. They are produced during the manufacturing process or the process of synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The potential held by the pharmaceutical industry has created major opportunities for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates. The prevalence of diseases and the increasing drug requirements are expected to create major demand for pharmaceutical intermediates over time. Furthermore, the increasing research activities are creating major demand for pharmaceutical intermediates, which are extensively used in the research laboratories and centers.

Key Developments Witnessed in the Pharmaceutical Intermediates Production Space

The pharmaceutical intermediates production space has experienced key developments that foster the manufacturers’ efforts to address the demand growth. While some pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical intermediates providers are expanding their product portfolio, there are several others that are carrying out significant investments for expanding the capabilities of pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing.

For instance, AGC, formerly known as Asahi Glass, had previously expressed its plan to increase the production capacity of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates by ten times that of the current production capacity at a production plant in Japan. While it could presently produce drug trials in small quantities, the production plant would now be capable of turning out commercial quantities. The new capacity scheduled to come online in October 2019, would help the company is delivering effective pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients to the market. Furthermore, the group would continually invest in the capacity in future to meet the rapid growth in demand for pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredient contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) offerings.

A chemical industry company, Evonik Industries, is also expanding the production of active pharmaceutical ingredient and pharmaceutical intermediates. Backed by a €36 million investment, the company expanded its contract manufacturing capabilities of in lucrative markets such as Europe and the US. The facilities in Europe and the US which have both boosted their assets footprint and further added production capabilities.

Minakem, a CDMO division of a company manufacturing and developing building blocks, pharmaceutical intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients, also expanded its production capability. The company announced that it was in the final qualification run to launch a new closed-controlled environment high containment production facility. According to officials, the new facility plays the role of a significant asset that would help the company strengthen its market position in the production and development of highly potent compounds in a more robust, economical and safe manner.

Such developments in the production space are creating major growth opportunities for the pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers.

Initiatives Aimed at Simplifying Pharmaceutical Intermediates Supply

The supply landscape of the pharmaceutical intermediates is expected to gain major transformations owing to the increasing demand. The flourishing initiatives are increasingly fostering the supply of pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients.

For instance, Lonza Pharma & Biotech recently unveiled its initiative of pharmaceutical early-intermediates supply. With this initiative, the chemical production facilities at one of the sites of the company gain a leverage to cater to the increasing global early intermediates supply security concerns. The customers would now be able to benefit from an integrated supply chain from non-GMP (good manufacturing practice) early intermediates to cGMP advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Companies offering pharmaceutical intermediates are implementing significant strategies to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and further strengthen their market presence. Request a sample of the research study to know more about such developments witnessed by the pharmaceutical intermediates market.

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