Bamboo straws are witnessing rapid increase in demand owing to its biodegradability and environment friendly nature. With the plastic ban trend, bamboo straws are witnessing a significant demand on account of its 100% natural feature, practicality, durability and are found as a perfect alternative for drinking beverages. With increasing use of bamboo straws, issues regarding single-use plastic straws have been minimized. From an environmental stance, bamboo straws are an incredible natural and organic resource, are naturally antibacterial, creates over 35% oxygen compared to trees and most of all is the only biodegradable and reusable straw available so far.

Handmade Bamboo Straws Make Way from Thailand to the UF International Center

University of Florida Study Abroad Services have begun selling bamboo straws, thereby making the handmade bamboo straws available from Thailand to University of Florida International Center. The center is striving towards promoting on-campus sustainability, thereby eliminating usage of plastic trinkets. Students are also taking immense efforts in avoiding the usage of plastic straws, thereby supporting use of bamboo straws for reducing waste.

Why are People Refraining from Using Bamboo Straws?

The woody taste felt while drinking through colored pencil makes an individual refrain from using bamboo straws. The difficulty faced while cleaning and maintenance of bamboo straws further restricts its usage. The flaking apart of bamboo straws over time, the thin hole that makes it difficult for handling thick liquids such as smoothies are some of the major aspects that refrains people from using bamboo straws. Sustainability is all about creating environment-friendly changes in daily habits with increasing adoption of bamboo straws. In order to cater to the sustainability needs, manufacturers in bamboo straws market are taking immense efforts in developing organic bamboo straws with wider versions, beneficial for thicker drinks such as smoothies.

Beverage Sector to Increase Usage of Bamboo Straws Owing to Its Safety Features

Reusable straws such as bamboo straws are considered as an ideal choice for the sipping of beverages, mainly due to its all-natural feature and most of all, are made by eliminating the usage of dyes, chemicals and pesticides. Bamboos are considered as a rapidly renewable and versatile crop. However, since the bamboo straws consist of natural materials, they are not dishwasher-safe, and therefore require hand-washed process for cleaning and maintenance. Customer demand for bone dry outcome after cleaning is increasing and customers are making sure that they store bamboo stores in a well-ventilated place, in order to prevent mold.

Bamboo Straws Might Witness Reduction in Availability

UK-based Moneypenny Company is constantly focusing on the growing straw concerns at a faster rate. Instead of the plastic straws, the company is offering sustainable bamboo straws and are striving to make it widely available case-by-case. Although bamboo straws are not breakable, they do not even hold up long-term tear and wear. Bamboo straws are naturally made up of bamboo shoots, however, not much precision is witnessed in width and shape to which they would be constructed, thereby making it harder for finding the ideal brush for functioning on them. Due to the chalky texture that they leave inside the mouth, the bamboo straws contribute significantly towards falling short on enjoyment scale, despite of its tropical taste that it could impart to beverages. Reusable straw as well as utensil options such as bamboo steel have been witnessing large upfront costs, thereby lacking interests of small takeout food retailers. Both require sterilizing and cleansing for reuse, which in turn drives usage of detergents and hot water that holds higher possibilities for damaging the bamboo straws. Bamboo harvesting and steel smelting are likely to come up with their own set of environmental issues.

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