Until recently individual computer users and companies displayed reluctance towards the adoption of refurbished computers and laptops, which could be largely attributed to fears arising from lack of awareness and information about such products, coupled with limitations of supply chains. However, in the past few years a growing urban population, with a growing trend of short term stays in any particular geographic location is creating a demand for these goods owing to high-quality of refurbished computers, that too at increasingly affordable price points.

Moreover, growing awareness about environmental concerns arising due to the ever-increasing amounts of e-waste is also a key factor that is encouraging users to choose refurbished laptops and computers. This trend is further strengthened by the increasing number of companies providing warranties on such products, which provides a safeguard for consumers against irregular product quality.

Trend of Sharing Educational Resources to Benefit Refurbished Laptop Market

With the growing use of computers in everyday education, schools, colleges and other educational institutes are increasingly making use of refurbished computers in resource sharing programs, which allow students to check out refurbished laptops from the institute for a limited period of time, before being given back for the use of another student or member of faculty. With the growing success of such programs, the manufacturers of refurbished computers can make use of this lucrative opportunity for significant growth.

For example, the public schools in the city of Spokane in Washington U.S., have joined hands with the Spokane Public Library to offer students with laptop computers, for educational use. The old laptops are put through Microsoft’s official refurbishing process, to ensure that they achieve the requisite standard. Moreover, the program is also partnered with Sprint to provide Wi-Fi hotspots for free to needy students, to fully optimize the potential of the program.

Tighter Budgets for IT Spending to Boost Use of Refurbished Systems

The popularity of refurbished laptop and computer systems has risen rapidly in recent times, largely owing to high preference for affordable computers and relevant accessories, especially since information and communication technology departments of numerous businesses have been faced with significant budget cuts, while trying to maintain the highest standards of security and quality of the products being acquired. This is especially true in developed countries such as India and China where the cost of new systems can be cost prohibitive, particularly for small and medium enterprises.

In addition, refurbished computers also hold a strong appeal for companies who are aiming to bolster their environment consciousness credentials, as consumers are often seen investing in businesses and products that make use of responsible and ethical alternatives.

Strategic Collaborations Gain Importance for Improved Product Distribution

Major refurbished computer and laptop producers such as HP, Dell, Amazon, and others are increasingly partnering with regional businesses to improve on their refurbishment and product distribution capabilities, with stringent sets of guidelines and standards for certification.

For example, Lenovo has partnered with online marketplace platform Togofogo, to distribute the companies refurbished computer systems along with a standard one-year warranty. Companies such as these source their products for refurbishment processes from returned products on e-commerce platforms, factory rejects from original equipment manufacturers, and used premium grade products from users.

Similarly, JP Morgan has joined hands with Good 360 to operate a large scale online donation marketplace that donates refurbished computers and other electronics to community charities in the United States, as a part of their zero-waste initiative.

In addition, regional players can also provide additional services such as doorstep delivery and pickup, coupled with a robust customer service system, which gives businesses an edge over the competition, which bodes well for the future of the refurbished computer and laptop industry.

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