Often made from fruit concentrates and food additives such as stabilizers, preservatives, sweeteners, and emulsifiers, powdered soft drinks are gaining traction owing to increasing awareness among consumers about the health benefits that may be derived from such products. Moreover, powdered drinks provide a highly convenient method of preparation, while also giving producers additional benefits in the logistics of storage and transportation.

Longer shelf life arising from the removal of moisture, and ease of preparation are key factors that are driving consumers to adopt such drinks owing to hectic and tiring personal schedules. The inclusion of low-calorie formulations and all-natural sweeteners are encouraging health savvy consumers to adopt powdered forms of soft drinks, without having to compromise on taste and texture.

E-Commerce Provides Profitable Opportunity to Boost Sales

Owing to the ever increasing number of e-commerce businesses around the globe, powdered soft drink vendors have a great opportunity to enhance the profitability of their business to consumer and business to business operations.

The constant rise of internet users has encouraged e-commerce platforms towards pushing consumers to make on the spot purchases, and impulsive buys on a retail platform. For example, the rate of internet penetration in the United States has currently gone over 90%, which coupled with a huge number of online consumers can be expected to increase the sales of powdered soft drinks through this medium.

Moreover, with the extensive proliferation of the internet, the marketing efforts of manufacturers has undergone a massive change, from traditional processes. Manufacturers are now making use of websites to conduct effective event sponsorships, and awareness campaigns on education and nutrition. For example, KJS India and Horlicks are operating online events that boost awareness about the nutritional quality of their products, while offering educational video tutorials on different subjects at the same time.

Improvements in Packaging Gain Importance among Producers

 The quality and functionality of a products packaging is usually considered to be crucial aspect of the powdered soft drink brand, as they are essential in generating interest about the product in the consumer. Increasing concerns over the environment have pushed manufacturers to increasingly adopt eco-friendly materials, for packaging in different sizes and configurations.

Multi-layer packaging materials are gaining popularity as they display better efficiency in maintaining the flavor, texture and color of the powdered content, and the prevention of contamination through air or moisture. Manufacturers are emphasizing on expanding the range of package sizes to suit consumer demographics in different geographic locations.

For example, BlenderPak a food and beverage packaging manufacturer has developed an innovative pouch packaging for powdered soft drinks, that makes use of a unique mesh mechanism within the pouch that aids in breaking up the clumps of powder that form once water is added to the mixture, assuring a more uniform flavor and texture for the drink.

Natural Additives Find Application in Powdered Soft Drink Formulations

Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that a mixture of de-fatted flour of peanuts can be used to effectively improve on the formulations of protein shakes and meal-replacement drinks, owing to its non-stick and free-flowing nature, allowing powdered soft drink manufacturers to create instant drink mixes.

Moreover, the increasing preference for healthier beverage options among consumers is creating a buzz around powdered juice mixes. There is a growing interest in such formulations that have added nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which provide end-users with healthy beverages at a cost effective price points.

Furthermore, the growing trend of developing drinks for gym and fitness savvy consumers is creating a specialized demand for new beverage formats including gel and powdered mixes, which is expected to power the powdered energy and nutrition drinks in the market for the foreseeable future.

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