Acid proof lining, which is also commonly known as acid resistant lining is a popular solution to industrial requirements for preparing substrates and surfaces to be resistant to influences of mechanical, thermal, and chemical load. Acid proof lining finds extensive application in industrial areas that are used to store, process, or move corrosive materials.

These materials are commonly used to protect components such as plastic piping, concrete housing, steel structures, and fiber glass components, from the influence of concentrated acids, alkalis, and solvents. The superiority of acid proof lining in comparison to other protection alternatives such as rubber linings or polymer coatings are expected to generate substantial demand in the years ahead.

Made from materials such as sand, clay, and feldspar, acid proof linings are available in variations of ceramic, carbon, thermoplastics, and fluoropolymers among others. Durability and resistance to impacts and corrosion are key characteristics that are driving the growth of the acid proof lining market. Other influential factors impacting the market can include:

  1. Acid proof lining materials that can protect and withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations are gaining increased importance. Consequently, thermoplastic acid proof linings are anticipated to witness faster adoption owing to resistance against chemicals, mechanical stress, heat, and thermal shocks.
  2. Increased concerns over environment deteriorations and health risks are factors that are anticipated to minimize the use of solvent based acid proof linings, owing to emission of volatile compounds during production and application. These materials are expected to be gradually replaced with recent development of eco-friendly variations in the market.
  3. Oilfield pipeline producers boost demand for acid proof lining materials, owing to the influence of rust inducing environment that is common to the processes required to transport volatile substances like petroleum. On the other hand, acid proof linings are expected to witness decreased use in modern power generation infrastructure.
  4. Major players in the acid proof lining market are emphasizing on the development of new variations of acid proof materials such as brick and ceramic to gain an edge over the competition and widen their product portfolio, based on sustainability objectives.

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