Harvested from acai palm trees, and consumed mostly as pulps or in a dried format, the global demand for acai berries is currently witnessing a strong rate of growth owing to the widespread trend of consuming super foods. 

Acai berries are most widely processed and used in their dried variant owing to the relative ease and transportation of the product by producers and suppliers. Dried acai berry is finding increased application as a cure to scarring and other skin issues. Innovations in packaging and processing technologies in recent years are expected to benefit producers and consumers in terms of preserving the nutritional value of the products for longer periods of time.

Strongly growing awareness about potential wide ranging health benefits is the key influencing factor that is rapidly boosting the consumption rate of the acai berry market for the foreseeable future. Some of the other key factors that are substantially affecting developments in the market among consumers and cultivators include:

  1. The rising use of acai berries in a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products are boosting the consumption of the fruit by a substantial margin. This trend can be attributed to the growing consumer preference around the world for organic and natural cosmetic products, which is further augmented by the recent rise in disposable incomes in developed and developing countries.
  2. The acai berry is also finding increased use in the food and beverage industry, which is playing to the consumer demand for better health and diet foods, by touting to the super food status of the acai berry to the increasingly health-conscious consumer.
  3. The pharmaceutical industry is also making use of acai berry based formulations, primarily for the development and production of diet supplements, and also as part of medications for ailments such as cardiac health. This trend is expected to open up numerous new avenues of use for this fruit.
  4. Unregulated consumption of acai berries are known to cause side effects such as increased bleeding from wounds and higher blood pressure levels, which are anticipated to restrict the growth of the acai berry market for the long term.

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