Native to South America, avocadoes contain up to 30 per cent of oil, which can be extracted either through cold pressing techniques or by the way of solvent extraction. The oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit, unlike other plant based oil sources. Apart from healthy fats, avocado oil also contains a number of vital nutrients such as vitamin C, E, K, B6, and oleic acid among others.

The oil finds high adoption rates in terms of cooking and oil & skin care. While avocados are available in a wide range of species, Hass and Fuerte are the most commonly used varieties for oil production. Growing awareness about healthy lifestyles and dietary habits are some of the key factors that are anticipated to drive up the worldwide market for avocado oil in the years ahead.

Consequently, the rising incidences of heart disease and other chronic ailments are driving up the demand for healthy cooking oils, which will bode well for the future of the global avocado oil market. Other key developments in the industry in the years ahead may include:

  1. Latin America is expected to display a strong trend of consumption of avocado oil, owing to the growing incidences of health issues and the rising awareness of the health benefits of avocado oil, and the high production rate of avocado fruits in the region. The oil helps in managing such ailments. This factors is also expected to boost the rate of consumption in North America.
  2. Avocado oil is finding increased use in a number of applications including personal care, cosmetics, and the development of medication owing to the advantages that it provides in terms of digestion, cardiovascular health, detoxification, and an increased rate of healing.

The avocado oil market is further benefitted by the perennial availability of the avocado fruit. On the other hand, the higher price point of the product is expected to restrict sales, owing to which avocado oil manufacturers have taken to mixing avocado oil with other natural edible oils to gain complementary blends at affordable rates

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