Studies suggest that about 10-15 Mn individuals suffer from Cushing’s syndrome. Pituitary adenomas – a common symptom in Cushing’s syndrome – affects a majority of elderlies and adolescents. Individuals aging 20-50 years, particularly the female cohort, are most susceptible to Cushing’s syndrome. On the other hand, adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) occurs rarely with a rate of ~0.7-2.0 cases per million individuals every year. ACC happens at any age, with women holding a considerable share of the patient pool. In addition, one in ten individuals host adrenal tumors and the rate is increasing annually.

Citing the surging incidents of ACC and Cushing’s syndrome a year, the demand for mitotane is subject to a significant upsurge in the near future in the curing of the two disorders. Medical professionals are depending on adjuvant therapy followed by surgical tumor reallocation due to high frequency and poor results of ACC. Mitotane, owing to anti-carcinogenic property, is making inroads in such situations, yet with inconsistent outcomes. Further, adjuvant therapy, coupled with mitotane, enhances the recurrence-proof survival frequency.

The demanding situation has influenced analysts as Persistent Market Research to design a new market intelligence report. As per the report, the global mitotane market is anticipated to progress at a CAGR of ~5% over the stipulated timeframe equivalent to ~US$ 12 Bn. Upsurge in cases of Cushing’s syndrome and adrenocortical carcinoma among individuals across the globe remains the gold mine of market growth.

Rising Prominence of ACC-Based Disease Indication Fuels the Demand for Mitotane

Although adrenocortical carcinoma is rarely occurring disease, the prominence of the tumor is intensifying with an estimation of ~600 new incidents diagnosed per million individuals annually. The ACC tumor stems from the adrenal cortex, later developing into a huge mass. ACC is highly common among the individuals aging 50-60 years. PMR suggests that ACC-based indication is expected to hold about a three-fifth share of the global mitotane market revenue.

ACC hosts in families half of the time, requiring the need for genetic analysis for immediate acquaintances of patients suffering from ACC. When diagnosed at an early stage, medical surgeons opt for adjuvant surgery, accompanied by mitotane, to ward off the maximum of the adrenal tumor. Further, a majority of ACC patients are possible to experience resurrection after radical reallocation. As such, high recurrence frequency drives the demand for adjuvants along with mitotane.

Mitotane Garners Wide Acceptance in North America Following Increasing Cases of Cushing’s Syndrome

Clinical studies find that individuals consuming glucocorticoids are likely to suffer from Cushing’s syndrome. In the US, about ~10 Mn individuals are estimated to consume glucocorticoids a year. Hypercortisolism, also known as Cushing’s syndrome, target about 20, 000 individuals in the US, with ~3, 000 new incidents reported annually.

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Individuals complain of at least one of the defined symptoms – increased blood pressure, weak muscles, and chronic fatigue. The US FDA has approved relacorilant orphan drug status for Cushing’s syndrome in the previous year. As a consequence, mitotane market players are setting their sights on North America to address the alarming situation.

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