Portable stages are simple transportable platforms leveraged for the performance arena of various activities and events. Made up of aluminum truss, plywood, or strengthened glass, portable stages offer umpteen benefits, including fast and straightforward set up at the desired sites, lightweight, compact size, and customizable in any activity. Such advantages are making way for portable stages in commercial events, institutions, and sports & recreation sector.

Roadshows and trade show events by firms are surging to enhance business footprint. Event creators require a staging medium in particular dimensions according to the location and event requisites. The conventional dimensions fail to fulfill the specific needs of the event creators. Portable stages, owing to greater operational efficacy, tick all the boxes, thereby witnessing huge traction in the upcoming years.

In its recently published business report, Persistent Market Research finds that the global portable stages market is anticipated to progress at a healthy CAGR of ~8% by value throughout the stipulated timeframe, growing from ~US$ 150 Mn in 2019 to ~US$ 313 Mn in 2029. In terms of volume, the global portable stages market produced ~235, 000 units in 2018, and is expected to peg ~500, 000 units at a CAGR of ~8% by the end of 2029. Rising demand for simple assembly and customizable staging alternative in the entertainment sector, and sports events across developed countries remain the important drivers of market growth.

Upsurge in Commercial Events Drives the Demand for Portable Stages

Business runners are in a hunt of expanding their market penetration into various regions and industries. Promoting products and items at trade shows and exhibitions are suitable options to enhance brand reputation and publicize to a target market. Portable stages are a great fit in trade shows and exhibitions, where the advertisers require a short-term and effective solution.

The fact that portable stages provide customized options according to the area accessible for marketing fulfills the demand of the advertisers comprehensively. Entrepreneurs aim to achieve greater publicity with lesser expenditure, and portable stages easily align with the objective. As the global competitive landscape witnesses stiff contest between market players, the number of commercial events is set to increase by manifolds. Consequently, the demand for portable stages is spectated to observe an upswing.

Direct Purchasing and Rental Services in Neck-and-Neck With Each Other

A multitude of sports & recreation activities, as well as commercial events, are organized for a short-term basis. As such, purchasing portable stages for short period events become cost-prohibitive. Customers are turning to rental services to leverage portable stages for specific purposes. In addition, the rental services perform adjustments to the portable stages to comply with the customers’ needs.

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On the flip side, direct purchasing of portable stages tends to outrun rental services over a prolonged duration. This is attributed to the expensive rent of portable stages, influencing the customers to directly purchase the product. In addition, for long-term applications, customers prefer buying portable stages.

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