Top 5 Lactose Brands in Europe

Europe leads in the consumption of dairy products. Key producing countries are France, UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy which together constitute almost 70% of EU milk production. 

In July 2013, the average price of milk was 362 euros per tonne in France, 383 in Italy, 368 in Germany and 400 in the Netherlands according to figures from the European Commission. 

The EU dairy herd has decreased in recent years because the milk yield per cow has improved drastically. In 2018, around 21 million cows in the EU, produced 7000 kg of milk.

Being the top-most producer of dairy, Europe is also the centre for some of the best lactose companies. Some of the top companies in lactose market are,

Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina is involved in producing and selling consumer products which includes dairy-based beverages, infant nutrition, desserts and cheese in many European countries, Asia and Africa. Dairy products are exported worldwide from the Netherlands.

These dairy products are supplied to professional customers, including cream and butter products to catering companies and bakeries in West Europe. Friesland Campina sells ingredients too or half-finished products to manufacturers. It is supplied majorly for infant nutrition, food industry and pharmaceutical sector across the world.

Friesland Campina is a very innovative B2B and FMCG company which incorporates products which make difference in the lives of millions of people each day.

Arla Group

Over the years Arla has built a good position in Northern Europe where preferred dairy company for consumers are available. Growth and consumption of dairy products will increase by 50% in Europe. This group hit an ambitious mark with cost target EUR 400 million in 2019.

Milk and powder: To lead and shape the market with nutritious products.

Milk-based beverages: To shape the market for on-the-go products made from natural ingredients.

Spreadable cheese: Arla is set to lead both cream cheese that is made from natural ingredients and the one which is high quality processed cream cheese.

Yogurt: Production of yogurt to build strong position based on health benefits and natural ingredients etc.

Deutsches Milchkontor

DMK group is Germany’s largest dairy cooperative which processes milk into food products of the highest quality.

 The product portfolio varies widely in range from cheese to baby food and ice cream etc. Brands like MILRAM, Uniekaas, Alete, Oldenburger, and Humana have earned the trust of consumers across different areas be it home or abroad. This has made the company an established player in the market and a selected target market around the globe.

Being one of the largest suppliers to the German food retail industry, it extracts total revenue of almost 5.8 billion euros. There is no doubt that DMK Group is one of the leading dairy companies of Europe.


Glanbia uses pure and clean ingredients including milk, whey and grains, with expert knowledge and capabilities to produce nutritional ingredients and branded products for consumers worldwide.

Glanbia hit a revenue of €3.9 billion in 2019. Major facilities are located in Ireland, the US, the UK and Germany. This company has a portfolio focused on both dairy and non-dairy ingredients. Glanbia is a large scale marketer and manufacturer of American-style cheddar cheese.

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The French Dairy behind Candia milk brand, is Europe’s fifth largest dairy co-operative brands according to Copa-Cogenca. Paris based Sodiaal is owned by almost 10,000 French dairy farmers. It generated a sales of Euros 4.6 billion in the year 2013.

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