Top 5 Pet Milk Replacer Brands in US

Milk replacer for any pet is equivalent to baby formulas for human beings, except the fact that it is only made for pets who need to survive without their mothers. Commercial milk replacer is the best way to ensure that your pets gets all the kind of nutrition for healthy and steady growth.

However, whenever possible, a new-born pet should be nursed by their mother for at least 2-3 days, because this milk provides essentials and prevents diseases. Kitten milk replacers are also available in variety of nutritional degrees with balanced, nutritional profile to provide a basic supplemental and nutritional enhancement.

A study regarding milk-replacers has concluded that some brands of replacers had a lesser concentration of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids than what is usually found in mother dog’s milk.

The levels of arginine, calcium and other nutrients was found to be lower than what is normally required for steady growth.

Pre-made replacers available in liquid form can be stored in refrigerator for almost 24 hours. Some of the top pet milk replacer brands include,

Pro Bloom Dehydrated Instant Goat’s Milk

This milk is extracted from pasture-raised and free-ranging goats in the Northwest Pacific. It does not contain wheat, soy, preservatives, corn or other synthetic ingredients.

Pro Bloom is fed to puppies as a healthful drink, and adds as a colourful food topper, and added moisture to dry food. Pet owners are convinced because this formula has a probiotic content which enhances the overall wellbeing of pets.

 This Instant Goat’s Milk has resulted to a healthier, shinier and better skin coat in pets with an improved digestive system and other bodily functions.

Goats Milk Esbilac (GME) Powder

PetAg’s GME is minutely formulated for puppies with sensitive tummies and also for adult dogs that are hyperactive or stressed. It is prepared from goat’s milk and natural ingredients to make it palatable to puppies whilst also providing proper nutrients for normal growth.

This substitute and food supplement is also good for orphaned new-borns, lactating bitches, picky pups and malnourished dogs. GME powder does not cause any stomach problems which is a common concern especially for new-borns.

PetAg’s Esbilac Powder

This product is proudly manufactured in USA from natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals in a method that closely resonates with canine mother’s milk.

In powder form, it is made available in 3/4-oz packs and 12-oz cans. While in liquid, it is found in 5-oz emergency packs and 8-oz cans. Esbilac puppy milk replacer has an easily digestible formula which has been a long replacer in dog shelters and foster homes where new-born puppies are devoid of the nourishment by their mothers.

Pet-owners swear that Esbilac is one of the main reasons for remarkable growth and good health.

PetAg KMR – Kitten Milk Replacer

This nutrient-dense milk replacer contains proper ratios of fat, carbohydrates and proteins that a developing kitten needs for a steady growth. It also contains probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy gut. KMR is easy to digest so there is no harsh effects on a growing digestive system.

 It constitutes to form a great supplement for all cats including ill one, older, or cat who just need a nutritional boost.

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PetLac Milk Replacer

 Pet Lac Milk is a fast and convenient way to feed puppies and this liquid option is hard to beat. This liquid contains all essential calories, vitamins, and minerals in a ready to feed formula. Once opened, the re-sealable pack can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. The fat and protein levels in this milk replacer are a bit lower than some others, with the PetAg website stating an estimate that it contains 4.3% protein, and 5.3% fat.

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