4-Benzoylbutyric Acid Market 2021 Growth, COVID Impact, Trends Analysis Report Forecast to 2031

As per a latest research conducted, demand of 4-Benzoylbutyric acid are anticipated to witness a CAGR of 4.0% to 5.0% over the coming assessment period of 2021 to 2031.

The growing research and development investment is anticipated to benefit the sales outlook for the compound. Moreover, the growing end use sectors are also expected to bolster the demand growth for the compound in the coming years.

What is Driving Demand for 4-Benzoylbutyric Acid

Growing demand of organic chemicals across the globe is expected to benefit the market demand of 4-Benzoylbutyric acid, as the compound is used as raw material and intermediate in the production of several organic chemicals.

Growing dyestuff market is also expected to bolster the sales volume since demand for dyes are increasing at a considerable rate from paints and coating, printing inks and other industries.

With the significant growth in the pharmaceutical sector the market of 5-Oxo-5-phenylpentanoic acid is also expected to witness a pace as, it is used in the manufacturing of various drugs and medicine. With the substantial development in the electronics sector, the consumption is going to increase since it can be used as an electronic chemical for various application in the end use industry.

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Organic Chemical Industry is Expected to Boost the Demand of 4-Benzoylbutyric Acid

Overall chemical industry is anticipated to witness a significant growth outlook all over the globe in the coming years, especially the organic chemical sector.

Organic chemicals’ demand is growing substantially owing to the growing demand from its application segments such as, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, paints and coatings, plastic and polymer industries and many others.

4-Benzoylbutyric acid is used for several industrial organic chemicals manufacturing. Growing organic chemicals sector is thus expected to boost the sales of 5-Oxo-5-phenylvaleric acid during the forecast period.

Moreover, the increasing research in the organic sector is also estimated to benefit the demand, since new application segments are being introduced for the chemical to cater the growing demand from the end users.

U.S. and Canada 4-Benzoylbutyric Acid Demand Outlook

Considerable demand for pharmaceuticals in U.S. and Canada is expected to boost the consumption over the forecast period. Since, the countries account for a prominent share of pharmaceutical industry all over the globe, overall consumption of 4-Benzoylbutyric acid is also estimated to remain significant in these countries.

Further the substantial demand for dyes in U.S. and Canada owing to the presence paper, textile manufacturers and other end users, the demand for 5-Oxo-5-phenylpentanoic acid is projected to increase in the coming years. Growing demand for agrochemicals in both the countries is also expected to benefit the market growth rate.

Furthermore, the substantial production quantity of organic chemicals in U.S. and Canada is anticipated to maintain the growth of the compound during the forecast period.

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Asia Pacific Sales Outlook for 4-Benzoylbutyric Acid

Strong presence of organic chemical manufacturers in Asia Pacific region, especially in China, Japan and ASEAN countries, is expected to bolster the sales of 4-Benzoylbutyric acid in the region.

Growing demand for agrochemicals in the region is also anticipated to increase the consumption in the coming years.

Significantly rising market of pharmaceuticals in Asia Pacific region is estimated to bolster the sales outlook for the compound during the coming assessment period.

Growing demand for dyestuffs from the textile industries, leather industries are expected to push the market of 5-Oxo-5-phenylvaleric acid.

Moreover, the increase in the investment for research and development in the chemical sector in this region is also expected to benefit the market growth in the coming years.

Who are the Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of 4-Benzoylbutyric Acid

Some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 4-Benzoylbutyric acid include

  • Tokyo Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Sarex
  • Acros Organics B.V.B.A.
  • Dayang chem (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.
  • Finetech Industry Limited
  • Jinan Haohua Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Shanghai Meicheng Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • , Pfaltz & Bauer Inc.
  • Leonid Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and many others.

Key players are focusing on investing a significant amount in research and development for the products development and innovation in the chemical sector.

Key players are focusing on applications of a product in various fields to cater the growing demand from the end use industries.

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Key Segments

By Purity:

  • 96% and Below
  • Above 96%

By End Use:

  • Organic Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Agrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dyes

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