Mercury Testing Service Market to grow at a CAGR of ~5% during 2028

Future Market Insights (FMI), in its latest research study, examines the growth of mercury testing service market for the time frame 2018-2028. According to the study, revenues from mercury testing service market reached ~ US$ 800 Mn in 2018, with an estimated Y-o-Y increase of 5% in 2019. In light of the growing regulatory emphasis on monitoring the rate of mercury emissions, increased private and public institutions are placing their focus on characterizing sediments, soil, and waste water samples. This, in turn has created a bedrock of opportunities for mercury testing service providers.

Mercury has emerged as one of the biggest challenges to the health and safety of natural environment, and is rapidly making inroads into food, healthcare, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas industries. Heavy metals continue to put human health at stake, which in turn has led to enforcement of stringent laws that are mandating the near-constant adoption of mercury testing services for food and pharmaceutical products QA.

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Mercury-contaminated water is being increasingly perceived as among the key determinants of environmental damage and a range of health conditions, globally. Today, confiscating low, yet highly toxic levels of mercury from massive amounts of water has become a significant challenge, with mercury testing service providers experimenting with permutations and combinations to alleviate the overall risks of mercury being released in surroundings.

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Dire Need for Detoxification of Agricultural Produce Unlocking Gains in Fast-Growing Economies

The study opines that rapidly increasing crop production in fast-growing countries, such as China, India, and Mexico has been bolstering the demand for heavy metal testing for food products in the region. Adoption of mercury testing services for detoxifying food products in these countries collectively accounted for revenues worth ~ US$ 44 Mn in 2018. Hg testing service providers are leveraging every pertinent approach to capitalize the growing demand for swift and precise heavy metal testing services that validate food samples QA. Additionally, growing awareness about the role of mercury testing services in determining mercury content in an array of food products, such as dairy products, meat, cereals and grains, and eliminating its hazardous effects, is creating opportunistic avenues for partakers.

Moreover, the expanding healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in South as well as East Asia are creating an increased traction for mercury testing of medicines, in light of the grave heath impacts of consuming heavy metals, particularly on pregnant women and infants. Growing use of mercury testing services to determine Hg content in human body via blood, hair, and urine test has garnered substantial momentum over the years, while registering ~22% market value share in 2018. As a matter of fact, leading players are placing their focus on squeezing additional margins by infiltrating in these lucrative regions. Bureau Veritas, for instance has acquired China-based Shenzhen Total-Test to expand its footprint in the food quality and safety sector in the region.

As per the FMI study, though significant challenges persist in Hg analysis, mercury testing service providers, having felt the heat of issues caused by the tedious process of sample preparation or the mercury analysis step, are employing advanced swift techniques. As the most recent generation of ICP-MS or cold vapor systems may leave room for error even after the long cleaning cycles, regulatory bodies are increasingly emphasizing direct mercury analysis as a viable alternative to counterparts. Several service providers are thereby, employing direct mercury analysis and have in fact, used it successfully to identify and wipe away total mercury in various solid, liquid and gas samples.

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The report indicates a significant surge in mercury testing service market owing to the dire need for Hg analysis to detect and quantify mercury precisely in the oil & gas industry. This is further propelled by a significant rise in demand for mercury testing services for sampling, testing, and trace-level detection in natural gas with wide applications across different industries.

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