‘Digital Humans’ to Redefine Virtual Assistance

The intervention of technology in traditional processes has given rise to several new innovations and changes being made in the way businesses operate. The digital world is often seen challenging companies to cope with the requirements of enhanced technologies. With technologies like virtual assistance, chatbots, and online query resolving systems, businesses are trying to increase the number of queries attended and improve the overall experience they deliver to customers. Virtual assistance that is digitally-enabled, is an intelligent software service that enhances the traditional capabilities of human assistance with a unique set of features. ‘Digital humans’ is the next-level innovation in the umbrella of this cutting- edge technology that takes virtual assistance to greater heights.

ANZ Bank to realize the potential of ‘Digital Human’

ANZ Bank recently announced that their new digital assistant, ‘Jamie’, developed in partnership with Soul Machines, which will be deployed this week, helping bank customers with support and general queries. The bank is all set to revolutionize the banking experience that they provide to their customers. This astonishing digital human is well programmed to resolve frequently received queries to ensure that they could provide initial support to the customers that face any banking dilemmas.
They believe that this system would be an emotionally intelligent solution making it more interactive as compared to the chatbots.
Powered by an AI engine, it is capable of responding to human emotions along with queries. This way ‘Jamie’ has the exceptional ability to provide an immersive experience that actively engage with the customers senses. Their advancements allow them to self-learn from the previous conversations, making them more equipped with the requirements of the customers.

Digital Human: Umpqua Bank’s new innovation strategy

The physical retail banking experience and digital innovation together would be termed as a ‘digital human’. These are the words of the new CEO of Umpqua Bank, Cort O’Haver, who is all set to transform the bank’s customer experience by giving it a digital face. The team is currently working on a new app that lets customers chat with the bank specialists in order to resolve any issues on the user side.

Going beyond the horizon of mere voice and typed chatbots, this technology helps businesses to be open for newer opportunities in the field of AI-driven virtual assistance. This encourages the customers to be more engaged, resulting in knowing the customers behavior and patterns in a better manner.
The evolution of virtual assistance is quick and allows users to have a more customized experience that helps their work to be done in greater speed.

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