Innovations & Future Opportunities in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has made remarkable progress since it was generated. With a huge potential, today, RFID technology has become one of the most blooming technology with numerous applications. When RFID technology is mixed with printing technology, new and better opportunities are created. While printing an entire RFID chip and antenna has become possible to print, still RFID technology is considered impractical for real world application.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a method of communicating data between an electronic tag and a reader with radio waves, and this technology is generally used for tracking and identification purposes. Currently some of the major areas for RFID are in public inventory tracking, transportation, animal identification, logistics, and asset management. RFID technology is so competent and beneficial that a few companies are initiating measures to make a requirement for its suppliers in order to participate in an RFID system. Adding of the printing technology is believed to be the key method for future innovation in RFID technology.

New Opportunities in RFID Technology

When electronic tag is directly put onto a product, it gives way to ideas such as smart cards, smart labels, and smart packaging and these ideas rely on RFID technology to create a system to replace barcodes. Printing the antenna that extends the radio waves transmitted and reduces cost by eliminating the previous method of etched antenna is currently the actual printing portion of RFID technology. The electronic tag or chip is attached once the antenna is printed.

If we talk about the market for RFID printing, it is small due to the expense of the process and materials. Even with the reduction in cost with a printed antenna, the process is currently is a bit expensive, but necessary majors are been taken to make it cheaper. What poses a great challenge for printing technology is to make possible that the chip could be printed as well as the antenna. Once the necessary technology for RFID printing exists, there will be an outburst of opportunities in new markets.

Printed RFID Tags

One of the most innovative and useful labeling and product tracking RFID technology is RFID printers. The current theory on RFID printers is based on carbon nanotube technology. The carbon nanotubes are infused with ink and printed on using inkjet technology, which is a printing process where very fine ink droplets are sprayed in a controlled manner on to a substrate or printing surface. There is an ability to print thin film transistors with the help of inkjet printing process and carbon nanotube infused ink combined, which is indeed there is a key element in RFID printers. These printable transistors can be printed on paper or plastic.

With the emerging RFID technology, the future for printed RFID tags become clearer. Though there are several obstacles blocking the success of printed RFID tags, the thrilling potential of RFID technology is uncovering the advancements in printed RFID tags

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