Block chain has a come a long way since it has been conceptualized back in 2008. Owing to the potential that it holds, companies are harnessing its capabilities to foster their business growth. OptDyn, a company having the vision of offering IoT, cloud computing, and crypto-currency mining to its customers has entered into a strategic partnership with aSAY Group, an EOH subsidiary which is focused on providing best solutions and assist customers with a tailor-made approach in business.

The strategic partnership is focused on increasing the production as well as adoption of the blockchain router, Subutai in Middle East and North America. The partnership was announced at the seventh Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit.

The Subutai Blockchain Router is a ‘green’ and power-efficient broadband cloud router and Internet of Things (IoT) ‘Swiss Army Knife’ gateway with an industrial edition and residential edition. Owing to its great attributes the Subutai Blockchain router earns its users a passive income through several channels of income.

The initial focus of the partnership would be on the production as well as the distribution of the Residential Edition of the Subutai Blockchain Router. This residential edition of the Subutai Blockchain router offers its users with a passive income of nearly US$115 per month, without the need of any technical skills. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency mining and generating passive income becomes simpler with Subutai Blockchain Router as it is easy to connect and use.

Alex Karasulu, CEO of OptDyn, said that the OptDyn team is delighted to collaborate with aSAY and EOH as they are leading companies in the Middle East and North Africa market. Alex further added that OptDyn joining forces with aSAY would provide effective assistance in enhancing the life of million users with the Subutai Blockchain Router, as it expected to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining market valuing greater than $4 billion.

Osman Koc, General Manager, aSAY Communication Services that with this partnership, they look forward to bring innovative technical solutions that stand essential to the market growth that serve a tremendous customer base. They are eager to recognize the Subutai Blockchain Router impact. The ethical cryptocurreny mining is in uniformity with their goal of becoming a relevant and ethical entity and render a positive role going beyond the conventional business practices, Osman added.

Cryptocurrency mining has gained greater emphasis with time. Moreover, such developments are expected to boost the market for better.

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