Buying medicines online has turned out to be the latest trend among the consumers and patients in India. With this growing trend, e-pharmacies are also increasing at a significant rate. However, in September, the AIOCD (All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists) had protested against the draft proposal of Central government with regards to formalizing online sales of medicines. The drugs association has been feeling threatened to take a step towards pan-India bandh. Nearly 8.5Lakh chemists from across the nation had participated in the protests.

With easy accessibility and lower prices, online drug retail schemes have begun to pose threats for physical drug stores. The prices online are nearly 10 to 20% lower compared to prices at physical drug stores. Therefore, online players are only been facing significant costs on the basis of delivery.

Testimonials on Online Drug Delivery

Convenience is the major plus when it comes to online drug delivery. Especially for the sick and elderly, online drug delivery turn out to be extremely beneficial as it helps them in eliminating the situation where they would have to face crucial mobility issues. Online players are supplying to over 22,000 pin codes across India, which is inclusive of Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This in turn has resulted in drastic time reduction taken for delivery in remote areas. E-pharmacies have been taking efforts in delivering on the similar day or in less than 5days.

Online players are of the viewpoint that their model could help in better disease management with increased adherence towards prescribed treatment plans. Digital trials in the online services have been offering greater confidence to the shareholders. Several general insurance companies have been collaborating with the e-pharmacies for outpatient department (OPD) covers owing to the tracking and e-billing facilities that they offer.

Various online players further mentioned that auditability and traceability would be beneficial in government regulation, law enforcement, and the insurance coverage of medicines. Moreover, DHP, the online association is also planning to avoid sales of the habit-forming painkillers as well as psychotropic and narcotic drugs. The main motif of the online players is to cater to the existing and emerging needs of customers and patients suffering from chronic conditions.

Pharmacists have been heavily relying on technology for complex tasks. Online pharmacies provide better pricing compared to the offline stores with growing access, lower product and transaction costs, convenience and better anonymity for the consumers, which in turn is expected to dive in significant revenue growth for the healthcare industry, with notable expansion of customer base on the e-pharmacy platform.

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