HeartFlow, Inc. announced its initiation of the Prospective Randomized Trial of the Optimal Evaluation of Cardiac Symptoms and Revascularization (PRECISE) clinical trial. The enrollment of the first patient of the trial was implemented by the cardio vascular specialists at the Imperial Health based in Lake Charles, Los Angeles.

This particular clinical trial has been designed to differentiate between the results arising from traditional methodology of the diagnosis and evaluation of patient status who display constant chest pain, during the application of stress tests or the use of cardiac catheterization, with that of the new new Precision Evaluation Strategy that makes use of testing procedures, based on risk. The new process also makes use of computed tomography angiography (CTA) scans.

PRECISE to Improve Cardiac Artery Disease Treatments

The trial will attempt to evaluate the successful improvement in accuracy, cost, efficiency, and outcomes brought about by the new approach while treating patients who are suspected of having coronary artery disease (CAD). This clinical trial aims to enroll more than two thousand patients from numerous relevant centers around the globe.

In the current trial, patients will enrolled in a random manner, either for traditional medical care or treatment under Precision Evaluation Strategy. The Precision Evaluation Strategy will make use of a PROMISE Risk Score to assess and place patients in low risk or high risk groups. Patients of the low risk group will be given treatments comprising medicines and lifestyle changes. On the other hand, patients of the high risk group will be put through CTA processes. In cases where more data is required, a HeartFlow FFRct analysis will be implemented.

As per a recent study by Future market insights, the modern angio suites market gives health care professionals with comprehensive and actionable data, and can assist modern physicians to make accurate diagnosis of patients who might have CAD, owing to better vertical and horizontal integration.

The process is based upon scientific research and the PRECISE clinical trial is one of the latest instances where angio suites are bringing the absolute best in extracting useful clinical research for both healthcare professionals and patients.

HeartFlow Analysis Uses AI to Simplify Results

The analysis by HeartFlow is customizable and non-invasive, in nature. It uses artificial intelligence for improved images extracted from CTA scans to generate digital 3D models of the patient’s arteries. The processes also utilizes new algorithms that comply with numerous calculations to assess adverse impacts on the heart with an online interfaces to help decide on the best treatments.

Currently, health care professionals globally, have made use of this process, successfully for around 25,000 patients to diagnose or prevent heart disease accurately.

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