The emergence of unsafe products has paved the way for growth in demand and supply of fiber drums for transportation apurposes. In developing countries of the APEJ, industrial drums such as fiber drums are highly preferable over the other bulk packaging products owing to their superior operational efficiency in the shipping of bulk commodities, especially in liquid form. Moreover, fiber drums are preferred over plastic and steel drums mainly due to their corrosion resistance and extraordinary lightweight properties. Key players in fiber drums market are looking forward to opening up new manufacturing facilities along with development of new products concentrating on the safe management of fiber drums.

Mauser Group B.V. Adopts Sustainable and Modern Load Securing System

Drumguard®, a load securing system has been distributed exclusively by Mauser Group, obtaining it from Strauch GmbH, Germany. With the usage of Drumguard®, optimal securing of fiber, metal and plastic drums is guaranteed for minimizing the probabilities of slipping drums owing to dynamic effects. In countries such as Germany, customers are widely adopting this process as it enables in time savings, which is inclusive of reduced process costs and substantial improvement in operations with regards to the loading unit. This unique product offers customers the provision of loading units by instantly securing fiber drums on the pallets in accordance with the international and domestic traffic and dangerous goods regulations. With increasing challenges regarding load securing as well as sustainability, users of industrial packaging are expected to adopt this new and unique development on a large scale.

Fibrestar Partners with SMC Euroclamp for Innovating Fiber Drums Handling

Fibrestar recently entered into a collaboration with SMC Euroclamp, a local Hydraulic Attachment manufacturer for re-marketing fiber drum handling equipment. Since the recent past, ‘parrot beak’ style has been the lifting device utilized on a large scale. However, with the support and help of SMC Euroclamp, Fibrestar now offers various methods to its customers for handling fiber drums including:

  • Forward tipping
  • Sideways rotating
  • Vertical lifting

These new techniques of handling fiber drums can be manipulated by manufacturers for emptying and storing purposes. The main purpose behind such developments is eliminating several labor intensive, hazardous and dangerous processes.

Greif Inc. Makes Multimillion Dollar Investment for Introducing IBC Manufacturing Facility

Greif lately announced the expansion of its Texas and Houston footprint by making a heavy investment in an IBC (intermediate bulk container) manufacturing facility. Addition of IBC production in the Baytown facility is expected to expand the product portfolio of the company that includes plastic, steel and fiber drums. This initiative also helps the company in catering to the growing needs of their customer base. This multimillion dollar strategic investment will help the company in staying at the forefront in the global market, thereby improving its performance in the industrial packaging sector. Tremendous growth potential is anticipated by Greif Inc. with the emergence of this new manufacturing facility, thereby offering U.S based bulk and specialty chemical as well as lube and petroleum industries with unique packaging solutions.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on the fiber drums market indicates that manufacturers have been focusing on reducing transportation expenses with increasing preference for lightweight bulk containers.

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