With the prevalence of lung cancer, various developments are being witnessed in the healthcare sector for tackling the chronic disease. A new development in the diagnosis of lung cancer is expected to open new opportunities for simplifying disease management. The nodules of lung cancer move each time the person breathes, owing to which the doctors find it difficult to determine the exact location of cancer growth. Owing to this scenario, surgeons are utilizing an electromagnetic system that helps track movement of this chronic cancer.

The Pulmonary Disease Specialist at Baptist Health Systems, Dr. Aldo Parodi is gaining guidance from this technology as he analyses patients’ lungs. According to Dr. Parodi, the technology acts like a GPS for navigating and locating the cancer. The Veran Spin’s thoracic navigation system is integrated with electromagnetic sensors that are attached to the patient’s chest. While Dr. Parodi makes use of the bronchoscope, electromagnetic sensors assist in pinpointing the chronic lung cancer nodules inside. Dr. Parodi further adds that the system allows him to visualize the complete process in real time.

Advancements Reflecting New Capabilities

It is anticipated that the system would allow surgeons to locate more tumors compared to conventional CAT scans. The doctors believe that the early interventional technique would prove beneficial to cancer patients. Such systems simplify the diagnosis of lung cancer bringing it down to just a mouse click to plot a treatment course for early stage lung cancer. The rate of survival tends to be low when lung cancer is diagnosed later at stage three or four, which has been the present scenario where most patients are diagnosed at this stage.

Unveiling the Benefits of Medical Devices

The use of devices such as bronchoscopes play a vital role in the diagnosis of such disorders, and bronchoscopy is a common procedure adopted by surgeons and physicians. With the growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and lung cancer, the use of bronchoscope tends to increase significantly as bronchoscopy is considered as an effective and safe procedure. A recent research publication presented by Future Market Insights traces the potential of bronchoscopes in simplifying the diagnosis and therapeutic procedures with effective visualization of the internal airways. To gain greater understanding of the innovations and advancements in the global bronchoscopes market, and to avail all the facts, statistics, and critical market data, click here.

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