Immense efforts are being taken by the private firms in developing new advanced wound management centers, especially in the developing regions. Increasing number of accident and trauma cases are witnessed across the globe, thereby stimulating the need for advanced wound management. According to WHO, over 1.25 Million deaths take place every year, attributing towards the road accidents. In addition, rapidly increasing patients suffering from chronic wounds are driving the need for propelling surgical procedures. Most of all, clinics and hospitals are entering into collaborations with the healthcare companies for advanced technology and healthcare services.

Two New Applications Enhance Overall Patient Experience

Healogics®, wound healing experts in Jacksonville, Florida, USA lately launched two new applications, supporting efforts to enhance patient experience, thereby saving time of physicians and clinicians. Decision Support and Clinical Optimization, two new applications of WoundSuite platform of Healogics helps the crucial connection between the patients suffering from chronic wounds and related multi-disciplinary healthcare team to attain patient-centered, evidence-based and collaborative care. Clinical Optimization and Decision Support are regarded as invaluable applications breaking new grounds in advanced wound management world. These applications help in enhancing clinical workflow and offers the physicians with actionable insights, resulting from the evidence-based medicines. With better data arrives better and positive strides in treatment as well as research of chronic wounds.

Strategic Collaboration Offer Hyperbaric Medications Center

Oneida Healthcare in New York recently entered into collaboration with RestorixHealth in USA for offering hyperbaric medicine and comprehensive wound care in Oneida, to patients suffering from non-healing wounds in Central New York. The new and advanced wound management is inclusive of treatments for ischemic ulcers, pressure, neuropathic, non-healing diabetic and chronic. In addition, treatments are also available for skin irritations, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds and venous insufficiency. Most of all, this new and advanced hyperbaric medicine and wound care center is aimed at singular vision, which is for offering patients with utmost advanced healing therapies closer to the house.

Long-Term Deal to Ensure Reliable Supply of Advanced Wound Dressings

Scapa Healthcare, reliable strategic outsource partner of the skin-friendly turn-key solutions, in Knoxville, Tennessee recently entered into a strategic agreement for acquiring Systagenix manufacturing plant in Gargrave, England for transferring the former’s regulatory support functions, R&D, warehouse facilities, sterilization services and manufacturing operations to Scapa Healthcare. Under this extended collaboration, the two companies will enter in a long-term supply and manufacturing deal for advanced wound dressings provided by KCI, an Acelity Company. With this acquisition, Scapa Healthcare is likely to take the lead amongst the advanced wound care product manufacturers in the world. Moreover, the new site will also help in enhancing the capabilities of Scapa Healthcare, its footprint and services for catering to the emerging needs of global healthcare industry.

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