As events in addition to meetings keep on evolving into progressively complex experiences, event planners are seeking novel solutions which could aid them increase to the raised anticipations of attendees. They’re as well seeking modes to face the ever-present realness’s of more work when confronted with comparatively flat budget growth and time constraints.

Seeing that technology proceeds more and more faster, novel gadgets are brought out that aim to improve an experience or to resolve a problem. Artificial intelligence as well as immersive technology, chatbots, facial recognition, in addition to increased personalisation– these are barely a few of the tech trends causing a sizeable hit on the event sector.

Tweeted prize-hunts in addition to beacons, brands are in this day and age employing AI-powered chatbots to fulfill the on-going trend of personalisation. Seeing that brand loyalty is on the downslope, brands necessitate to be prominent from the rest in addition get outfitted to manage customer-service functions in the latest event scenario.

The technology that supports digital currency Bitcoin, provides crucial information, for instance, how much as well as to whom to be transposed in a private and secure way, facilitating large amounts of transactional info to be shared amid diverse parties. From an event look at, for instance, this entails that the technology can be utilized to validate registrations or to deal with the attendees’ data.

Moreover, Zero UI in which the communication is reactive and seamless to the people around it is gaining momentum. Technology-heightened moments are set off more naturally and experience more incorporated into the overall space. Experiences are turning out to be more measurable and accountable, with more elaborated key performance pointers being placed alongside the work because of the data available, mainly with improvements in motion-tracking and computer vision. Journeys around an environment can be easily followed and acknowledge more regarding the attendees’ demographics without the requirement for burdensome data-capture terminals.

Event-personalisation platforms like Feathr are gaining footing since it has proprietary technology which lets event organisers and marketers to leverage data by aggregating sources such as website analytics, social followers, CRM and registration, also to present multichannel campaigns.

Tracking as well as facial recognition incorporated with smart technology is in addition on the rise, goaded with the accessibility of more cost-efficient solutions. Although, this field necessitates caution as well as an ear to concerns in terms of privacy, nevertheless early adopters are considered to reap the benefits. In addition, augmented reality as well as virtual reality, based on event tech trends is likely to be the future big shift in this field comprising mixed reality.

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Immersive technologies such as VR,AR, binaural sound and gestural interfaces have the advantage of nurturing a more interactional, deeper as well as interesting connection with possible consumers, despite the fact that making customers experience that they have more control, these technologies could heighten brand stories – it’s the synergy between technology as well as the story which makes powerful experiences.

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