Modern lifestyle, rapidly increasing awareness regarding the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and growing preference towards natural products with steered issues such as stress, sleep disturbances, etc. have been attributed towards inflation of the aromatherapy market through 2019. As per HAA (Holistic Aromatherapy Association), clary sage for relieving pain, ginger for helping in digestion purposes and eucalyptus as decongestant are some of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is likely to gain traction amongst the population experiencing acne, menstrual problems and insomnia on an extreme basis.

Emergence of Cost-Effective Aromatherapy-Grade Diffuser to Expand Customer Base

With rapidly increasing need for improving sleep habits, manufacturers are developing products such as Ultimate Aromatherapy Bundle. This product for aromatherapy helps in enhancing aesthetics in the end-user’s room and the diffuser in the all-new aromatherapy product consists of nearly 7 mood lights and 15 diverse light modes, thereby enabling the end-user in adjusting setting ideally suitable for comfort zone and aromatherapy.

Healing Properties of Aromatherapy Trending Among Patients with Anxiety Disorder

Growing number of anxiety disorder patients especially amongst the millennial population is significantly driving the growth and development of aromatherapy market in 2019. As per American Anxiety and Depression Association, anxiety disorders have been recognized as the most common mental illness across US, affecting more than 40Million adults every year. With rising inclination towards inhalation of the essential oils, helps the patients with transformative power as well as transports the mind back towards the state of relaxation and calmness. Increasing awareness regarding ability of the essential oils in adapting to the individual specific body needs further stimulates growth and development in aromatherapy market. Moreover, many essential oils used in aromatherapy helps in increasing immunity as well as combats breathing and cold disorders.

APAC to Hold Potential for Aromatherapy Market

Growing prevalence of the chronic diseases as well as lifestyle associated diseases are majorly contributing towards the growth of APAC aromatherapy market. Medical tourism in nations such as India that holds traditional procedures for availing essential oil benefits through natural resources for treatments of disorders, thereby attracting the tourists, which in turn drives the demand for aromatherapy in APAC. Adverse effects of the pharmaceutical therapeutics is considered as a major reason behind growing shift of consumer interest towards usage of natural aromatherapy products.

Toxic Nature of the Essential Oils to Remain a Barrier

Essential oils such as Cineole used in aromatherapy is considered as poisonous as its overdose can lead to feeling of suffocation, rapid heartbeat, muscular weakness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and epigastric burning. Swallowing of essential oil can lead to pneumonia as well. The WAPIC (Western Australian Poisons Information Centre) lately recorded a notable rise in the poisonings, which is the end-result of ingesting essential oils by children. With usage of the undiluted essential oil over sensitive skin or nostrils, possibilities of burns and irritation increases. In addition, susceptible people might develop allergic reactions and rashes on skin as well.

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