Market Outlook for Coffee Extracts:

Coffee extracts refer to compounds like flavor, oils or caffeine that have been extracted from coffee beans. Coffee extracts are produced by a process called coffee extraction which involves dissolution of soluble flavors from coffee into water.  Coffee extract manufacturers follow their own extraction process which varies from company to company and thus they produce unique and flavorful coffee extracts. This uniqueness comes from the precision followed in every step from choosing the variety of coffee to be roasted to the amount of grinding to extraction in the correct degree in optimum time and temperature. Coffee extract market is flooded with the variety of coffee extracts that manufacturers provide whether it be liquid, spray dried or freeze- dried. Consumers worldwide are preferring to buy coffee extracts as they can be used as flavoring agents in recipes across the culinary spectrum. Coffee extract market shows an advantage over coffee market because coffee extracts are better in keeping their flavor intact as compared to ground coffee which is difficult to keep on hand for a long time. Also, coffee extracts can be stored up to three years at room temperature which increases its demand among the coffee lovers.

Rapid Rise of Green Coffee Bean Extract as a Supplement

Coffee extracts market would have reached saturation owing to its conventional uses but introduction of green coffee bean extract in the coffee extracts market has led to a sudden increase in the sales of coffee extracts. Green coffee bean extract which are made from unroasted coffee beans are said to contain Chlorogenic Acid that is proposed to aid weight loss in humans. This proposition was widely advertised globally and as result, coffee extract manufacturers witnessed a severe hike in their product sales. Though the above mentioned strong proposition of weight loss is facing a lot of controversies these days leading to fluctuations in the coffee extract market sales. Benefit of rapid weight loss from the product was falsified and the FTC fined major green coffee bean extract manufacturers including Duncan and others and also banned them from deceptive advertising.

Global Coffee Extracts Market: Segmentation:

On the basis of end-user industries, the coffee extract market is segmented into- Food industry : Desserts, Baking goods, Savory dishes, Others; Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry; On the basis of nature, the coffee extract market is segmented into- Conventional, Organic; On the basis of type of product, the coffee extract market is segmented into- Liquid concentrate, Dried form, Capsules or tablets; On the basis of formulation, coffee extract market is segmented into- Roasted, Unroasted

Global Coffee Extract Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global coffee extract market identified are McCormick, Savory Spice, J. R. Watkins, NatureWise, Sports Research, Lumen, Huntington, SVETOL, Health Plus, Lumen, and others.

Global Coffee Extracts Market: Key Developments

Coffee extract market can show growth in production efficiency if coffee extract manufactures invest in the development and advancement of their coffee extraction process. Better technologies for extraction would improve their manufacturing production speed and would also lower other costs from manual labor and inefficient machinery. For instance, introduction of new percolators from SPX, SPX Flow Technology, can enable extended running times and minimize the risks of filter blockage in coffee extraction process.

According to the current global consumer trends, coffee extracts manufacturers are introducing their products in the coffee extract market with labels such as “Organic” or “Non-GMO” which tend to attract consumers that are very conscious towards the products that they buy. Also, coffee extract manufacturers have introduced decaffeinated versions which will help increase the product sales because consumers can prefer them as night time beverages as well.

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Opportunities for Coffee Extracts Market Participants:

Coffee extract manufacturers follow latest technologies in their extraction processes. But still there is always a scope of improvement and advancement. Better technologies will provide better product yields and thus would help coffee extract manufacturers meet the consumer demands. Collaborations with food companies to introduce new and flavorful recipes that involve use of coffee extract as a major ingredient can also help increase coffee extract demand among consumers. Most importantly, if coffee extract manufacturers introduce new lab tested versions of their product with proved and verified health benefits into the market, along with advertisement, it can help them recover the major losses that they had to face because of the green coffee bean extract controversies.

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