As rice is the staple food of over 60 percent of the global population, rice production has long been one of the most crucial aspects of agriculture. With hybrid rice seeds, the global economies are achieving scalability as it helps them feed the growing population. With the hybrid rice seeds technology, researchers are innovating the cultivation of hybrid rice seeds that fight changing weather patterns and help attain greater nutritional value. This has propelled the revenue growth associated with hybrid rice seeds at a significant level, boosting the profitability of farmers, thereby strengthening the agricultural sector.

Quality of agricultural seeds needs to be better to ensure better protection of crops and improved productivity. With superior quality hybrid rice seeds, the farmers are also able to produce a uniform crop without having the need to add any mixtures, thereby helping attain high prices on the market. The use of high-quality hybrid rice seeds help in achieving better quality rice, resulting in accelerated profits.

Hybrid Rice Seeds Producers Aim at Tackling Key Challenges

With the increasing emphasis given to yield better crops and plants that are less prone to infestation and bacterial diseases, there are various research activities taking place. Crops are often destroyed owing to insects and bacterial diseases that affect the health of the crop. To tackle this challenge, the hybrid rice seeds manufacturers are constantly making efforts to bring a transformation with the help ongoing research. Moreover, the efforts taken to minimize the negative impact of diseases on plant health is becoming a priority for modern researchers.

For instance, with the launch of Arize AZ 8433 DT, a hybrid rice seed with dual attributes, the global agricultural leader, Bayer is revolutionizing the capabilities of hybrid rice seeds for addressing next-generation global requirements. These new hybrid rice seeds are cultivated to offer improve tolerance to two critical factors affecting the plant life, Bacterial Leaf Blight and Brown Plant Hopper. This is the only variety of hybrid rice seeds in the Philippines offering such a tolerance to destructive pests that cause damage to crops, resulting in economic losses for farmers along with the perpetual issues regarding Bacterial Leaf Blight.

Raising Production Manifold with High-yielding Hybrid Rice Seeds

Given the significance of hybrid rice seeds, the largest producers aim at accelerating the production of hybrid basmati seeds to achieve greater commercialization of the crop in the global market. The CEO of Guard Agricultural Research and Services, Shahzad Ali Malik announced that they expect to achieve commercialization of hybrid basmati in 2019-2020, by developing high-yielding fine hybrid rice seeds. He further stated that the farmers in Pakistan would be able to earn a substantially higher income by cultivating hybrid basmati rice, which would be an extra-long grain that elongates post-cooking, and would come with an aroma that would make it a distinct variety.

Hybrid Rice Seeds Technology to Attain Progress with Self-cloning Seeds

For addressing both, high-yielding requirements and affordability, various researchers are bringing revolutionary developments into the market to raise the productivity of the crop and improve food security across the globe. The need for feeding the ever-growing global population acts as a stimulus for such next-generation technology enabling researchers to ensure sufficient yield. Backed by immense theoretical study scientists have managed to create an extraordinary hybrid rice seeds technology that produces clone seeds. The co-author of the study and a plant geneticist at University of California, Davis, Venkatesan Sudaresan, stated that the new laboratory variant of hybrid rice preserves the genetic qualities showcasing the consistency required by farmers through the process of self-cloning. Imtiyaz Khanday, a US-based researcher and leading author of the study stated that the self-cloning hybrid rice seeds could help in proliferating disease and drought resistant, and high-yielding hybrid crops.

The expert analysts at Future Market Insights unveil that the hybrid rice seeds market is expected to showcase substantial growth in the forthcoming years owing to its significant characteristics, higher quality and productivity. The unique findings pertaining to the hybrid rice seeds market and the extensive statistical evaluation is also included in the report. The hybrid rice seeds market study highlights the promising segments and regional opportunities that illustrate the future scope of the market.

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