With the progressing automotive sector, the parallel businesses are also gaining significance over time. The need for maintaining and ensuring that these automotive vehicles work fine, the automotive repair and maintenance services are gaining popularity. The automotive repair and maintenance include changing tires and operating on the automotive parts by lifting them. Portable wheel jack is an equipment that is used to lift the automotive enough for the service providers to access the vehicle’s underside. Portable wheel jack facilitates repairs while simplifying the process of raising a part of the vehicle. Portable wheel jack has, therefore, become a very important tool to cater to situations such as flat tires, during long travels.

Compact Product Designs to Gain Popularity

With the aspect of compatibility, the fast-paced lifestyle demands light-weight and compactly designed portable wheel jack, which is easy to carry and use during long road-trips to tackle any potential breakdowns. As the portable wheel jack has become a vital tool to be stocked in automobile’s trunk, companies are emphasizing on reducing the size of their product, while also focusing on increasing its productivity. For instance, the company recognized for offering vital automobile accessories introduced their new jack in 2018, which is a safer, compact, and lighter alternative to the conventionally used high lift jack. The hydraulic actuated lifting device is designed to cater to the needs of the off-road community.

Portable Tilted Lift to Simplify Repair and Maintenance

Portable wheel jack is further expected to offer extended workability with simplified next-generation features. While the modern portable wheel jack enables consumers to carry their product along, the new products aimed at offering more scalability. Vancouver AUTOlift introduced a one-of-its-kind portable tilting vehicle lift which is designed to the highest European standards, acts as a convenient solution to carry out repairs. The product also caters to the changing needs of the market with advanced features that enable the user to tilt the car to the front or rear, and secure position, thereby providing safer working height from multiple angles.

New Floor Jacks to Accelerate Profit for Vendors

The need for effective products has been triggering major innovations in the portable wheel jack landscape. Product reliability in portable wheel jack has always been an important buying factor, which the manufacturers look up to. For instance, the new line of 3 and 4 ton Daytona floor jacks by Harbor Freight offer reliability, best market value along with greater performance. These new Daytona floor jacks are designed for professional technicians and are made with a sleek and new design using quality materials. Moreover, the heavy-duty rust-resistance in its hardware makes these products an essential workshop tool.

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