Used for connecting piston and rod, the gudgeon pin is a vital piece of a metal that moves in an upward and downward direction in the cylinder, where the upward movement is for the purpose of generating energy for driving the shaft that enables the movement of the automobile’s wheels. The gudgeon pin is considered as a crucial component as it transfers the mechanical force generated by the piston to the crankshaft. Owing to this, the materials used for making the gudgeon pin are expected to be high-temperature resistance, pressure-bearing and load bearing to withstand the conditions in the engine’s combustion chamber. There are several factors that are expected to influence the success of gudgeon pin sales.

3D Printing Technology Expected to Foster Production

The growing use of 3D printing technology for developing automotive components is expected to be a great market influencer when it comes to the gudgeon pin. The growing deployment of 3D printing technology for the production of automotive components is greatly witnessed, further fueling innovations in the manufacturing of components such as the gudgeon pin. For instance, IAV Automotive Engineering witnessed immense potential in the 3d printed pistons, for which they are demonstrating the concept 3D-printing pistons, which would be a revolutionary transformation in the production of powertrain components including piston pins or commonly termed as gudgeon pin, compressor wheels, engine turbines, and blocks.

Prominent Player Acquisitions to Stir New Possibilities

While there are several strategies and developments witnessed across the gudgeon pin ecosystem, prominent players are often witnessed entering into a significant agreement with other business giants. Moreover, with the excelling progress illustrated by automotive component manufacturers, such strategies are expected to boost the overall production. For instance, Tenneco, a recognized automotive components OEM and aftermarket ride control and emissions products provider, signed an agreement to acquire Federal-Mogul LLC, a leading gudgeon pin competitor for a valuation of over $5 billion. With this deal, the company aimed to split Federal-Mogul LLC into two distinct businesses and further strengthen then as two separate entities. Such strategies are expected to boost the production of automotive and powertrain components in the long run.

Achieving High performance of Engine with PVD Coating Gudgeon Pin

Boosting the performance of engines has long been the most essential factor while improving the overall productivity of the vehicle. The engine components are hence chosen considering the performance factor. This has greatly propelled the demand for gudgeon pin with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating that offers reduced weight and friction of the piston group, thereby contributing to the improved performance of the engine.

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