Rebar tier supports in reducing time spent on the development and training of labor as well as execution of the repetitive motions. End-users of rebar tier can help in saving time and money, thereby reducing man hours by enhancing labor productivity and effectiveness. Substantial increase has been observed in the adoption of battery powered rebar tier in the developing industries such as marine and automotive. Rebar tier eliminates risks related to hand-wrist disorders as well. Most of all, rebar tier reduces the probabilities of monotonous and tedious work apart from decreasing health risks.

All-New Battery Powered Rebar Tier Could Prove to be a Cost-effective Solution

MAX USA Corp., manufacturer of the high-end office products and industrial tools in New York recently introduced an all-new battery powered rebar tying tool, TwinTier RB441T. This new rebar tying tool delivers higher effectiveness and labor saving, and most of all, is faster compared to the existing models. This rebar tier process tool holds special features including faster tying speed that further helps in increasing productivity, thereby eliminating wire consumption and enhancing cost savings for the end-users. The new rebar tier process tool holds simple operations, thereby reducing muscular skeletal injuries, in comparison to hand tying.

New Cordless Rebar Tier Process Tool to Speed up Training Processes

Makita U.S.A., Inc. Company in US, manufacturer of corded and cordless power tools lately launched cordless tying solution, XRT01 that offers both ease-of-use and time savings. The new rebar tier process tool can be used with Kit (XRT01TK) and 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool (XRT01ZK). With the invention of new rebar tier process tool, operations enhanced from two-hand to single-hand, thereby presenting immense opportunities to speed up all tasks from apprentice to the skilled journeyman. This rebar tier process tool is an ideal solution for the plumbers, electricians, patio and pool contractors and concrete contractors.

Heavy Investments for Commercializing Rebar-Tying Robot

Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. Company, in US utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics to commercialize and innovate wide-ranging autonomous product to transform construction industry. This company lately developed concrete rebar-tying robot that helps in automation of labor-intensive and tedious part of the heavy construction projects. The all-new TyBot has received heavy investment of nearly $4Million from the investors for commercializing this rebar tier process lead. This new rebar tier process tool potentially utilizes robotic arm, fit to gantry crane for finding the rebar junctions as well as attaching a tie before concrete pour. This in turn saves time from the back-breaking labor on bridge as well as related heavy construction projects. The automated rebar tier process tool exclusively benefits in unpopular, laborious, tedious as well as accident-prone activities, which has been creating major challenges for staff. By replacing the entire rebar tier process team, the all-new automated rebar tier process tool requires only one technician for monitoring quality as well as reloading tie wire spool.

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