Motorcycle chain sprockets are a key component in the transmission system of a motorcycle. Motorcycle chain sprockets primarily comprise of various types of drive chains, including standard variant of roller type chains, along with specialized X-ring or O-ring chains. The drive chain are key elements of the drive chain that allows the transmission of power via a sprocket. Sprockets in turn transmit the impetus from the shaft’s rotation to the chain for efficient movement.

The rapid growth of the spending power of the global middle-class population is driving the demand for commercial motorcycles, and consequently, that of chain sprockets. Increasingly affordable prices, and environment friendly benefits are anticipated to generate a steady year on year growth rate of more than 5% as per a recent report by Future Market Insights on the global motorcycle chain sprockets market.

Preference for Affordable Transport Creates Demand for Standard Sprockets

The sales of standard motorcycles is showing constant growth, primarily owing their ability to provide significantly higher levels of fuel efficiency when compared to four wheelers, which is very important with the recent rise in the prices of gasoline.

Currently, the rising prices of gasoline and natural gas are anticipated to positively contribute towards the growth of motorcycle chain sprocket market, owing to increased number of consumers who choose two wheelers over four wheelers, for significant savings in money.

Standard motorcycle chain sprockets are anticipated to gain adoption with more than 6% CAGR. These chain sprocket variants are anticipated to account for nearly three quarters of the entire revenue share in the market by the end of 2019, most of which will come from the Asia Pacific countries owing to the high adoption of mass produced commercial motorcycle variants, particularly in India, Indonesia, and Philippines among others.

For example, data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, states that the production and sales of motorcycles within India and China alone account for more than 20 million and 15 million respectively out of the global number of approximately 60 million.

Recreational Motorcycling Creates Need for O-Ring Chains

Currently, developed nations such as those in Europe, or the United States and Canada are witnessing a higher rate of adopting motorcycles for recreational and sporting activities, such as motocross, or cross country riding, that require motorcycles with superlative engine capacity.

This trend is propelling the requirement of O-Ring type chains. O Ring chain motorcycle chain sprockets are anticipated to grow at more than a 7% CAGR, with nearly 30% of the global revenue share by the end of 2019.

Notable reduction in stretching and a virtually maintenance-free nature, makes o-ring chain sprockets a preferred choice among sporting enthusiasts.

O rings are also gaining preference among motorcycle riders owing to the additional advantages such as better lubrication, noise reduction and protection from dust, and superlative durability, all of which arises from the rubber o-shaped fittings, installed by manufacturers.

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