Bill Gates backed food startup Impossible Foods have debuted the upgraded version of their plant based healthy burger named Impossible Burger 2.0 at the Burger Grill at Las Vegas CES 2019.

The updated Impossible Burger 2.0 contains zero milligrams cholesterol, 14 grams fat and 250 calories in quarter pound patty. The company said that the fans of the previous version of Impossible Burger wanted a wheat or gluten free burger. The updated version of the burger has instead used soya based protein for its burger instead of wheat protein. The new burger is a significant improvement from the previous burger as it was only meant for cooking in restaurants while the 2.0 version can be cooked at home by sizzling on open flame, steaming and searing. The burger makes no compromise with nutrition or taste as it tastes the same like meat burger while at the same time containing the same nutritional content that you get from a beef burger. The burger has strange component called leghemoglobin or heme which gives the burger a bleeding attribute along with adding to the flavor of the final product.

The burger prides at being environmentally sustainable with 87% less greenhouse gas emissions, 75% lesser water and 95% lesser land than the regular ground beef burger. Food sector has seen some groundbreaking sustainable innovations in the recent decades. As plant based diet and vegan movements have propelled the demand for healthy food, food companies are left with no choice but to innovate in creating eco-friendly food recipes. Owner of Border Grill, the restaurant chosen for the debut, Sue Milliken said that using animals to meet human protein needs is going to be thing of the past with many healthy and delicious plant based alternatives arriving in the market. Finally technology has given solutions to meat lovers to satiate their taste buds without any harm to biodiversity.

White Castle has bagged the status of being the first fast-food burger chain to debut the Impossible Burger 2.0 at its restaurant starting with Border Grill, Las Vegas. The burger apart from being covered in stories by all major newspapers has become a latest Twitter sensation with a trending hashtag and also taken Instagram by a whirlwind. Whalburger and Umami Burgers are next in line to launch the new burger on their menu in next couple of weeks. The company will initially launch the burger only in handful of private burger chains with plans to a nationwide launch soon.

Impossible Foods production unit in Oakland, Caliph is spread over 68,000 Sq. ft. The company is facing tough competition from other health food startups like Tyson Food backed Beyond Burger. Many large food companies are launching new plant based food products. Nestle has recently launched its Incredible Burger under Garden Gourmet brand name with recent news reporting that Unilever’s acquisition of a Dutch plant based meat company Vegetarian Butcher.

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