Water pumps are a standout amongst the most imperative mechanical devices with application in households and various industries. Growing industrialization and urbanization in the growing nations as well as expanding utilization of water pumps in industries is boosting the requirement of water pumps worldwide. Growing wastewater reprocessing investment will assist to boost the demand for water pumps. Urbanization, manufacturing exercises, and the general population are the factors affecting the development of wastewater ventures and will noteworthily affect water pumps market.

Businesses, for instance, f&b, pharmaceuticals, as well as power are overwhelmingly water- dependent and would altogether influence the overall need for water. The production increment in these manufacturing industries leads to water adherence & upkeep to strict environmental rules indispensable. Moreover, governments of developing countries are investing vivaciously in wastewater handling in the wastewater business which is driving the water pumps market.

By end user applications, the worldwide market is segmented into the municipal water pump, industrial water pump, domestic water pump, and agricultural water pump. Among these, the industrial water pump has the highest market share. By technology, the worldwide market is segmented into positive displacement design and centrifugal water pump. The positive displacement design pumps are moreover categorized into rotary pumps, metering, and reciprocating. These pumps are usually bigger than centrifugal pumps of match-capacity. The centrifugal water pumps are utilized broadly in wells, buildings, hot water circulation in industries and fire protection system, while positive displacement design technology is employed in hydraulic systems.

Followed by North America & Europe, Asia Pacific is the leading market for water pumps. The region has the maximum growth rate, largely because of an upsurge in infrastructural development in rising nations like China & India. The centrifugal water pumps account for most of the market share as well as will develop further with a firm rate as a result of rising need from sectors, for instance, municipalities and oil and gas. The industrial water pumps are foreseeing growth at a soaring pace owing to intensifying industrialization in emergent APAC nations where gas and oil sector are the foremost water pumps end users.

The mounting water waste and water recycling treatment plants, mainly in China & India, is boosting the APAC market for water pumps. New progressions, for instance, in the water pump sector, the intelligent pump system is boosting their price benefits to the users. Besides water circulation, water pumps notice their use in a few domestic applications integrating into a house water fountain, water coolers, and gardening.

Conversely, certain elements are curbing the growth of water pumps market that incorporates the developing risk from unorganized companies in the region, mainly in the agricultural area. The poor agriculturists in the rising nations are economy driven and more willingly purchase low-cost water pumps as a replacement for reputed brands.

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Some of the foremost companies functioning in the global market for water pump are Saudi Pump Factory, Shanghai Kai Quan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd., Henan Province Xixia Automobile Water Pump Co. Ltd.,  Watson-Marlow, Inc., Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd., Weir Group PLC,  Weatherford International Inc, and General Electric Company.

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