Owing to growing awareness about safety and health hazards, governments across the globe have imposed strict fire safety laws that greatly affect how fire management equipment are developed and manufactured. Meters for testing fire pumps are essential as they can inform users if the equipment is working correctly or if the water pressure in the pipes is adequate for the requirements of the particular building.

With the growth in the number of high rise buildings, and massive storage infrastructure, including industrial spaces and warehouses, the demand for modern and reliable fire pump test meters has also grown quickly.

High Costs of Fire Safety Equipment Underlines Importance of Pump Test Meters

Fire pumps and all related equipment is prohibitively expensive, whose cost can range up one million dollars, depending on the capacity and functionality of the fire pumps. Moreover, owing to the high complexity of such machinery which is crucial to the working of such systems, inspection processes usually require highly detailed and diverse procedures. This is one of the key factors that is driving the adoption of fire pump test meters.

While, the use of fire pump test meters are not mandatory in both the United States and Europe, they are highly recommended, and growing ease of use, and high amounts of data that can be extracted are positively influencing the adoption of such equipment.

High Numbers of Commercial Building Projects Boost Demand

Commercial end-user are increasingly adopting advanced fire safety systems, particularly in developed countries such as Canada and the United States. This can be largely attributed to the rising number of building projects involving the construction of multiplexes, shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, real estates, and office buildings among others.

The demand for fire pumps is currently dependent on the trend of upgrading existing infrastructure to gain an edge over commercial competitors. Moreover, the demand for eco-friendly offices and buildings are rapidly rising which is driving the demand for fire pumps, and consequently fire pump test meters.

Technological Innovations Drive the Development of New Products

With preference being given to higher levels of accuracy, and reliability, manufacturers are focused on design improvements to optimize water management and delivery processes for fire and rescue service departments.

Moreover, with higher awareness about environmental degradation, the use of innovative fire pump test meters are also being used with the aim of reducing water wastage. Which has encouraged manufacturers to invest in development of new designs.

For example, TSI Flowmeters Ltd. has revealed a new range of electromagnetic fire pump test meters that eliminate the need of mechanical moving parts by using stainless steel electrodes and marine grade steel housing materials for precise and consistently repeatable measurements.

Similarly, Dorset based Titan Enterprises Ltd. also manufactures fire pump test meters that are designed for computing and reporting flow rates in digital and analog format with a combination of non-linear input sensors, which provides additional data including factors such as flow rate and accumulative total flow.

To find more detailed insights on the evolving global fire pump test meter market, click here.

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