There are several developments witnessed in the packaging sector over the years, given the emergence of sustainable materials used for packaging solutions. Moreover, the process of manufacturing packaging solutions has also undergone several transformations. Thermoformed containers are one of the most popular packaging solutions available. Thermoformed containers are manufactured to cater to the precise packaging needs and find application in several end-user sectors owing to their significant attributes over plastic processing such as easy molding, cost-effective tooling, stress crack resistance, rigid material, and high-impact resistance among others. Furthermore, manufacturers of thermoformed containers are focusing on being in line with the ongoing industrial trends to increase the adoptability of the product.

Achieving High-performance and Productivity in Thermoformed Containers

The thermoformed containers landscape has witnessed new innovations that aim at boosting the capabilities of thermoformed containers. The development of effective materials for manufacturing high-performance thermoformed containers is amongst the key innovations that are expected to redefine the capabilities of thermoformed containers. A new polypropylene thermoforming grade was launched by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company. Through its high aesthetics and clarity and superior dimensional stability, the thermoforming grade would not only boost productivity but also improve the overall performance of the transparent thermoformed containers such as trays and cups. Furthermore, the grade is a revolutionary addition to the available materials used for producing thermoformed containers as it delivers optimal advantages related to handling and environmental benefits with the help of the lightweight polypropylene.

Revolutionary Developments to Offer Sustainable Food Packaging

The food industry has long been a significant end user for the packaging sector. With the increasing awareness of sustainability taking over the globe, the sustainable packaging trend is an influencing factor for the manufacturers of packaging solutions such as thermoformed containers. Owing to this, there have been various innovations to cater to the changing demands of the end-users. For instance, a recognized North American thermoformer, Fabri-Kal introduced TruWare square containers with an aim to expand the portfolio of its sustainable food packaging. These containers are stackable and durable, owing to which they enable end-user in increasing shelf efficiency and efficient use of space.

Manufacturers Leveraging the ‘On-the-go’ Packaging Trend

Manufacturers are continually working towards providing consumer-convenient packaging products that are designed to ensure an easier opening and closing of the thermoformed containers. Furthermore, the emerging trends such as on-the-go packaging are having a major influence on packaging design and offerings. Packaging designs that make food handling easier for consumers—from easy-to-open packs, portable packaging, and portioned packs are addressing the on-the-go demands of modern consumers. On account of this, food manufacturing and commercializing brands are on a constant find for such innovative and unique packaging offerings, which not only deliver aesthetics for the shelf but also deliver fresh appeal that drives the sale of food products.

In line with such trends, RPC Bebo a company providing packaging solutions, entered into a partnership with Marbach, a Germany-based tool producer for developing thermoformed screw closure solution that attributes a lid, a cup, and a lidding film, which is sealed on the seal flange of the cup, covering the entire lid surface. Such a reclosing offered by the product makes it ideal for the on-the-go lifestyles of modern consumers.

Apart from boosting the product appeal with transparent packaging solutions such as thermoformed containers, manufacturers are also making efforts to increase the overall shelf-life of food products. Packaging solutions that help retain the freshness of foods are becoming paramount for food manufacturers, owing to which, the companies producing thermoformed containers are increasingly working towards addressing this demand.

The thermoformed containers market study highlights several other factors that govern the future market scenario for the manufacturers of thermoformed containers. By clicking here, readers can gain an insightful overview of the opportunities traced by the thermoformed containers market.

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