With the continual advancements in the healthcare sector, there is a major transition witnessed in the way patients are addressed and treated. While curative care remains a significant aspect of healthcare, preventive care is also gaining major focus over time. On-site preventive care being a low-cost solution for avoiding health issues, there is major traction gained by on-site preventive care. Various initiatives are being implemented across the globe that focuses on boosting wellness, improving the lifestyle of individuals, and lowering the healthcare costs. On-site preventive care providers are gaining tremendous growth opportunities owing to these burgeoning initiatives.

Short-term Treatment Requirements Lay Increased Emphasis on Secondary Healthcare Services

The increasing short term treatment requirements amongst patients are creating requirements for secondary healthcare services, such as acute care. The patients receive active short-term treatment in such on-site preventive care services. This clinical service responds to immediately limb-threatening or life-threatening health conditions. Acute care, therefore, significantly supports the progression of strong health systems. Recognizing the positive impact of such clinical services, various organizations are making efforts to introduce these types of on-site preventive care centers.

For instance, a healthcare provider based in Naples, Florida—HealthLynked Corp. recently announced that it has incorporated over 7000 acute care centers and hospitals into its domestic market. These efforts are aimed at strengthening their efforts to expand their network and transform how medical information is delivered.

Companies Extending On-site Preventive Care for Employees

Administrations and organizations gain treatment options and representative healthcare services in their workplace for their employees from on-site preventive care. The on-site preventive care services help reduce the risk of future illness amongst employees by catering to their current health concerns, physical routine, vaccinations, health screening and further identify future health risks. Leading organizations are leveraging the benefits of on-site preventive care in an effort to boost employee welfare. By pushing employees to preventive care and urgent care, companies hope to keep their employees healthier.

In an effort to bring down health costs, companies such as Amazon are taking the lead in pushing for new ways such as offering on-site preventive care services. In line with this, the company had expressed its plans to set up primary health clinics for its Seattle employees and their families. The company was also witnessed making a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan Chase to bring down costs and improve quality of care.

Amazon is not the only one taking on-site preventive care initiatives. Apple, a globally recognized company, has also made efforts towards employee healthcare and wellness. Joining fellow technology giants, Apple has also initiated its on-site wellness clinic for its employees. The focus remains on preventive care and patient outcomes with an effort to pinch on the initiatives implemented by several other companies.

Another financial services company in the US, National Life Group, also launched an on-site preventive care clinic for offering health services to all its employees. Being an on-site preventive care service, this clinic focuses on helping the employees live a better life positively while improving their lifestyle. Having the potential to lower cost and improve outcomes, this on-site preventive care center has its focus on wellness and health prevention.

New On-site Preventive Care Facilities Initiated

With the increasing emphasis given to preventive care, various on-site preventive care services are being introduced by providers across the globe. Services such as diagnostic screening, wellness, and nutrition management are flourishing in the on-site preventive care landscape. New expansions are being witnessed in the on-site preventive care landscape. For instance, a US-based healthcare and retail pharmacy company recently stated its plans to expand its free wellness and health screening campaign in California through the year 2019. This plan is a part of their commitment to building healthier communities across the country.

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