‘Smart Contracts’ to Gain Momentum as Software Companies Lean Towards Novel Technologies

In the past few years, automated technologies have played a pivotal role in shaping the current landscape of several industrial sectors. At present, automated technologies are an integral component of law firms and legal teams worldwide. One aspect that has experienced notable adoption and progress is legal contract lifecycle management. The surge in adoption of advanced contract lifecycle management processes is primarily boosted by demand for transparency and efficiency by clients from legal teams. In addition, regardless of the type of business, organizations get into several contracts on a regular basis. The nature of the contract could vary from binding suppliers and purchasers to creating legal bonds with other parties. Thus, it is essential for companies to implement contract lifecycle technology to achieve efficiency in contract management and upgrade the outdated processes. The growing adoption of technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) in contract lifecycle management solutions is likely to mold the future landscape of the contract lifecycle management market.

Many global companies are spread across different industry verticals and different regions of the world. These companies have to comply with different set of rules and regulations for different regions. The contract lifecycle management market is witnessing incremental growth, as companies are coming up with better solutions, which helps them to comply with all the latest compliance and regulatory guidelines in case of any updates or changes in industry regulations.

One of the key developments in the contract lifecycle management landscape reflect a rise in usage of cloud based contract lifecycle management solutions. Improved security, unlimited data storage and access to this stored data from anywhere is showing a remarkable growth in the contract lifecycle management market.

Cloud based contract lifecycle management solutions are expected to hold almost 70% of the market share by 2029, and these solutions are gaining popularity by helping users to outline fast growing company’s rules and policies. Thus the cloud based software solutions are anticipated to trigger the growth of the contract lifecycle management market.

Many companies deal in hundreds of contracts with different lifecycles, which makes it very difficult to manage all of these manually. Contract lifecycle management software helps to keep all of a firm’s contracts together in a single electronic repository. This contract lifecycle management software repository gives contract managers direct access to the contracts they need to manage. This repository also ensures compliance with governance and audit requirements. Moreover, this contract lifecycle management software supplies data from the contract to the transaction systems to execute ordering, purchasing, or invoicing transactions accurately, and also supports the risks and obligation entitlements in the contract portfolio. Hence, there is a rise in demand for this software, which drives the growth of the contract lifecycle management market.

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Each region or country has a different set of rules or regulations, which leads to heavy burden of international regulations for compliance teams. This situation can result in some non-compliance and manual errors, or result in some regulations getting overlooked. Contract lifecycle management software helps companies cope up with all the latest rules and compliance in case of any updates or changes in industry regulations. Thus, by using contract lifecycle management software, companies can avoid massive penalties associated with non-compliance. Thus, an increase in the growth of contract lifecycle management market is expected during the forecast period.

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