Global toothpaste tablets sales are expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of over 6.1% during the study forecast period 2021-2031, despite a period of less growth in 2020, according to a latest study by ESOMAR-certified market research firm, Future Market Insights. The research study tracks toothpaste tablets sales in 20+ countries, offering a lucid analysis on how growth trend will unfold.

Many players in the retail sectors are now switching towards adopting subscription based retail model. A Subscription based business model is looked upon as a favourable strategy for expanding the existing line of product offerings or launching a new business. In light of this, many players operating in the toothpaste tablets market have resorted to subscription based sales model to promote sales and simultaneously retain customers.

Hello is one such oral care brand that follows subscription based model. The brand provides an opportunity to customers to start their subscription by selecting one of the bundle offerings from their portfolios. The consumers are free to select subscription duration as per their convenience.

Besides this, the brand also offers consumers to create their own customised subscription box of their favourite products. Simultaneously the brand also guarantees free products on every subscription. Such efforts has helped the brand create, develop and expand their business. Subscription based business model is also adopted with an aim to create a loyal consumer base.

In terms of product types, fluoride-free toothpastes tablets account for a significant share in the market. Many players are expanding their offerings also to include new flavoured toothpaste tablets that are more appealing to consumers especially kids.

Key Takeaways from the Toothpaste Tablets Market Study

  • Toothpaste tablet market registers impressive recovery at over 5% y-o-y growth in 2021, following a period of lull in 2020
  • Presence of leading players steering sales in U.S., which accounts for over 88% of the North America market
  • Focus on dental and oral health will continue rising in the U.K., pushing toothpaste tablets sales at 4.7% in 2021
  • France and Germany emerge as strong markets as buyers demonstrate higher willingness to spend on fluoride-free toothpaste tablets
  • Increasing population and higher focus on personal care and hygiene will continue pushing toothpaste tablets sales in China

“Tailored marketing has significantly helped brands enhance their market reputation. Many of the toothpaste tablets brands currently operating in the market are using numerous connotations like eco-friendly, non-toxic, green, sustainable, gluten-free, paraben-free, fluoride-free, etc. to promote their products as healthy and safe in the eyes of consumers.” says an FMI analyst.

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Market:

The outbreak of covid-19 has caused enormous disruptions in the retail sector in both demand side as well as supply side. Managing demand fluctuations was one of the major challenges encountered by the players in the retail industry. The covid-19 outbreak also drastically impacted consumer’s buying habits. A specular shift from store based retail to online retail was observed. Besides this, the pandemic outbreak also highlighted the importance of ethical living which increased awareness regarding penetration of small scale and local brands in the retail sector.

Who is winning?

Some of the key players present in the toothpaste tablets market are Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc., Colgate Palmolive Company, Weldental, Inc., DENTABBS GmbH, Bite, Lush Cosmetics Company, Kaylaan LLC., Dental Lace, Inc., Archtek, Inc., Georganics,  Well Earth Goods, Pure Earth Essentials and among others.

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