Embedded hypervisors offer several benefits such as support for multiple operating systems, security of VMs, and improved hardware. Use of embedded hypervisors boosts performance, offers better resource utilization, and facilitates cost reduction in embedded systems.

An embedded hypervisor is a virtualization hypervisor that is natively installed, programmed, and embedded in a computer system or device. Multiple network connections increase the attack surface for vulnerabilities, and increasing use of embedded hypervisors for enhanced cyber-security is significantly propelling the growth of the embedded hypervisor market.

As such, the global embedded hypervisor market is expected to witness a CAGR of more than 6% in terms of revenue during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Key Takeaways of Embedded Hypervisor Market Study

  • Among the vertical segments, automotive is expected to witness a high growth rate, owing to the rising demand for industrial applications that require real-time control and systematic networking.
  • Market share held by medium enterprises is projected to increase at a striking CAGR during the forecast period, due to increasing demand for virtualization technology.
  • North America is anticipated to dominate the global embedded hypervisor market, due to increasing demand for cyber-security in this region. This regional market is projected to generate an absolute opportunity of nearly US$ 1.5 Bn over the forecast period.

“Small- and medium-sized embedded hypervisor solution providers should focus on establishing their presence in the lucrative APEJ market, as embedded hypervisor solutions are increasingly finding common applications in mobiles, data centers, servers, and desktop virtualization in this region.”

Increasing Demand for Safety & Security Systems to Boost Use of Embedded Hypervisors

An embedded hypervisor is a type of operating system software that enables various operating systems to operate on the same microprocessor, and improves processing speed. Multi-core processors are increasingly being adopted across all industries, as single-core processors fail to meet the increasing requirements of these industries.

With increased use of multi-core processors in safety and security-critical, real-time, and cyber-physical systems, the demand for embedded hypervisors is expected to increase substantially over the forecast period.

Intel multi-core processors use embedded hypervisors to increase speed and improve performance per watt over a single core processor, for efficient use for various operating systems on a single PC/laptop.

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Increasing Use of Embedded Hypervisors in Military Applications

Use of embedded hypervisors improves storage virtualization, offers enhanced security, and expanded processor support, which leads to increasing adoption of embedded hypervisors in ground-based military applications. Increasing need for securing communication in the military sector is expected to boost the demand for embedded hypervisors in the foreseeable future.

As such, key players are focusing on improving their embedded hypervisor offerings. In October 2022, Lynx expanded its LynuxSecure separation kernel hypervisor backing for Arm-based NXP Semiconductors processor architectures. Lynx secure hypervisor technology is suitable for high performance computing tasks that control hardware resources according to an in-built information flow modeling language.

Rising Application of Virtualization Technology to Boost Use of Embedded Hypervisors

New hardware virtualized platforms that are an integration of hypervisors and embedded boards for device prototyping, educational purposes, and operator training are used in the development of robotics. Virtualization creates an abstraction layer that allows multiple hypervisors to run in the same hardware, providing new capabilities to developers and equipment manufacturers. Hence, the adoption of virtualization technology is driving the growth of the embedded hypervisor market.

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