Residential Dishwashers Market Overview

The global residential dishwashers market is projected to record a CAGR of 7.1% from 2022 to 2030.

The rising penetration levels of household appliances have led consumers more privy about the benefits of using dishwashers. The demand for residential dishwashers has been radically influenced by the changing consumer preferences with respect to sanitisation devices.

Additionally, the need to save time in cleaning utensils is one of the most prominent foodservice trend favouring the surge in demand for residential dishwashers in restaurants.

Why is the Spending on Residential Dishwashers Increasing?

“The zeal to lower overhead costs in the long run will upkeep the rise in the spending on residential under-counter dishwasher for household application and heavy-duty residential dishwasher for commercial application.”

The emerging importance towards regularly cleaning kitchen countertops, sinks, dishes and cookware before preparing and serving food as well as between each use is driving the demand for residential dishwashers. The key drivers supplementing the growth of the global market for residential dishwashers include the awareness of foodborne diseases to prevent outbreak of foodborne diseases, sanitizing dishwashers, and major kitchen appliances have been extensively used in commercial as well as household kitchens.

In addition to this, the need for efficient sanitizing cycle is also expected to boost adoption rate of residential dishwashers as the traditional cleaning cycles do not assure thorough sanitization. Therefore the multiple cleansing mechanism in dishwashers has fuelled its adoption in residential kitchens.

Another significant growth driver for the residential dishwasher market is the modern retail expansion. Commercial kitchens and counters are witnessing smart convergence, which involves automation of several activities. In order to fasten the purchases of efficient kitchen devices, e-Commerce and other modern retail mechanisms are incorporated, thereby surging the sales of kitchen appliances such as the dishwashers.

How is the Global Residential Dishwashers Market Classified?

“Availability of residential dishwasher in different shapes, sizes, and specifications offer multiple choices to end users–portable dishwasher, drawer dishwasher and in-built dishwasher.”

The dynamics of the global residential dishwashers market has been considerable affected by restraints such as the low acceptance among consumers living in traditional clout and high prices of residential dishwashers. These dishwashers are a part of major kitchen appliances and applicable for both, residential and commercial use.

The demand for residential dishwashers has been limited to urban areas, as relatively-remote and underprivileged areas have been experiencing shortfall of basic necessities such as water, electricity and cleansing materials, which are prerequisite to the function of any dishwasher.

The key companies in the global market for residential dishwashers include, General Electric Company, Siemens AG, Sears Brands LLC., IFB Industries Ltd., Whirlpool, Heartland Appliances, LG Electronics, AB Electrolux, and Danby Group, among others. The emerging partnerships and mergers in the home appliances industries have forced several leading dishwasher manufacturers to enhance their products and expand their product range.

Whirlpool’s ‘6th Sense Technology’ dishwasher is a great example of product enhancement as it can connect to a Wi-Fi network and provide smart grid system for commercial as well as residential dishwashing needs.

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Which Region is Growing as a Leader in the Residential Dishwashers Market?

“Next-gen residential dishwashers that conserve water and energy are the future. Demand for such equipment will remain high in the developed countries of North America and Europe.”

Global market for residential dishwashers just like other major kitchen appliances is also classified on according to the key geographical regions in the world. Owing to the consumerism reforms in countries such as India, China, Australia, Brazil, Thailand and Singapore, the growth of the demand for residential dishwashers is expected to surge in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

North America and Europe will continue leading the market share as dishwashing products have been the conventional devices for cleaning utensils in the US and UK. In addition, the advent of energy-efficient residential dishwashers is likely to add new opportunities for the regional market, in particular, and global market, in general. However, APAC countries such as India and Japan will record higher growth in terms of sales.


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