Aerosol Packaging Market Trends, Growth, Future Demand, Analysis and Forecast by 2031

Aerosol packaging has emerged as a preferred rigid packaging format that finds daily use among consumers. The rising demand from industries such as personal care & cosmetics, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, and others will continue driving the aerosol packaging market. According to Future Market Insights (FMI), the aerosol packaging market will surpass US$ 6.72 Bn by 2021.

Aerosol packaging consists of various features which increase their attractiveness. They are light in weight, cost-effective, temperature resistant, and offer extended product life. Aerosol packaging is available in different materials such as aluminum, tin-plated steel, plastic, and glass.

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Over the past few years, aerosol packaging is gaining popularity due to the rising use of personal care & cosmetic products. Also, with the rising concern about cleanliness is driving the sales of homecare sprays, which is ultimately bolstering the growth of aerosol packaging market.

Future Market Insights forecasts that there are ample opportunities for the manufacturer of aerosol packaging in the coming future due to the rise in usage of aerosol packaging in various sectors. The growth of aerosol packaging seems lucrative across various regions.

The expansion of personal care & cosmetics industry will remain chief growth driver in most regions. FMI has forecast over 40% of aerosol packaging to be sold in the sector in 2021.

Aerosol Packaging Market by Category

Product Type

  • Cans
  • Bottles & Cylinders
  • Jars


  • Aluminum
  • Tin Plated Steel
  • Plastic
  • Steel

Cap Type

  • Actuators
  • Trigger Sprayer
  • Fine Mist Sprayer
  • Other Dispensing Caps
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverages

Key Takeaways from Aerosol Packaging Market

  • Driven by increasing application in personal and home care industries, aerosol packaging market will expand at 4.8% CAGR between 2021 and 2031
  • High spending power will support growth in the U.S., enabling it to spearhead North America, as it continues to account for over 80% sales through 2031
  • The U.K. will emerge as a highly lucrative pocket for sales within Europe, exhibiting 2.9% y-o-y growth in 2021 after a period of suppressed sales in 2020
  • Germany and France will remain other attractive markets for aerosol packaging in Europe
  • Expansion of personal care and beauty industry will stoke sales in Japan and South Korea

“Manufacturers have been focusing on customizing designs to cater to dynamic consumer requirements. There also is immense focus on make their products more recyclable to offer greater sustainability” says FMI analyst.

Rise in Demand for Aerosol Packaging in Homecare Sector

Aerosol packaging for homecare sector includes sprays used for cleaning, fragrance sprays, and others. The rising concern for health has resulted in the increasing use of various products to keep the home and workplace clean. These homecare sprays are made up of aluminium, tin-plated steel, or plastic material along with different cap types attached to them.

Moreover, these sprays are easy to use and they help cleaning the surface without worrying about the product temperature or life. Aerosol packaging used for homecare products are cost effective and easy to handle, store, and transport. On the back of these factors, the market for aerosol packaging is estimated to expand during the forecasted period.

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Who is Winning?

Ball Corporation, Crown Holdings, Inc., and Berry Global, Inc. are the top players operating in the aerosol packaging market. Furthermore, Silgan Holdings Inc., CCL Industries Inc., Aptar Group Inc., are some of the key players in the aerosol packaging market. The Tier 3 players in the market hold 60-65% in the global aerosol packaging market. In conclusion, key players contribute almost 35-40% of the global market.

Aerosol Packaging Market Report

Future Market Insights, in its new report, offers an unbiased analysis of the global aerosol packaging market, analyzing historical demand from 2016-2020 and forecast statistics for 2021-2031. The study reveals growth projections on the aerosol packaging market on the basis of product type (cans, bottles & cylinders, and jars), material (aluminum, tin plated steel, plastic, and glass), cap type (actuators, trigger sprayer, fine mist sprayer, and other dispensing caps) and end-use (personal care & cosmetics, food & beverages, homecare, and other industries) across seven regions.

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