Key Challenges that may Restrain Growth of the Water Pod Soluble Machines Market

Newly released data from water pod soluble machines market analysis shows that global demand of the overall water pod soluble machines market is forecasted to expand at a value compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2021-2031 and reach millions of units by 2031. In terms of growth, the water pod soluble machines market is projected to witness a prominent sales growth rate by 2031, owing to the increasing demand for FMCG and consumer packaged goods products.

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Water Pod Soluble Machines Market: Market Outlook

Water-soluble pods are the fastest growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products. The laundry detergent pods are water-soluble pouches having high concentrated laundry detergent. The water pod soluble machine is a rotary drum type machine for form-fill-seal and cutting equipment for the single unit liquid capsule. It is primarily used and designed for packaging water-soluble liquid or powder laundry detergent pods.

Its rotary drum-type liquid filling ensures precise control of production consistency and flexibility. It has a plunger-type single measuring filling system having great features like corrosion-resistant and high reliability. The machine has a self-designed water cool sealing structure, which reduces the sealing temperature and safely protects the water solubility of PVA film. It has a unique horizontal or vertically integrated cutting system and the roller moving to keep the drum’s consistency rate, which provides good production consistency.

It is an automatic electrical high-capacity heating, sealing, and packing machine specially used for highly concentrated laundry detergent pods, laundry powder pods, oil chemical agents, and missible oil pesticides. It has excellent adaptability of water-soluble PVA film and liquid detergents. Therefore, ease of operation, high production capacity, highly automatic, less manual intervention and cost-effectiveness will generate massive demand for the water pod soluble machine market.

What Are the Key Market Drivers Impacting the Growth of Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

Water-soluble pods are used for packaging laundry detergents and dish wash products packaged in PVA films in small size packs that are water-soluble. The water-soluble pods having a fixed quantity of packaged detergents in the pods, such as for single wash or one unit size; therefore, the chances of over or less detergent used in washing the product is minimized.

The standardization of quantity depending upon the amount of detergent required for washing will help the customers. The water-soluble pods reduced the wastage of detergents as the chances of spillage and leakage of liquid detergent are reduced.

Therefore the consumers have embraced the water-soluble pods, single-use pouches over the traditional bottled liquids and powder boxes and bags due to its easy-to-use and safe packaging. All these factors will propel the demand for the water-soluble pod machine market in recent years.

What is the Key Trend Increasing Sales of Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

Consumers’ trends and demands are constantly changing, and modern life is incredibly hectic and fast-paced. Therefore, considering the fast and busy lifestyle, the consumers prefer convenient, single-use, and standardized products, reducing time and energy.

The water-soluble pods are pre-measured, standardized products packaged neatly in dissolvable one-time single-use pouches. Nowadays, the customers have become more health-conscious, and the trend to use more convenient and safe packaging is also proliferating.

The water-soluble laundry detergents allow the customers to use the detergent easily without touching and measuring, which helps in minimizes any potential health and safety risks of the consumers. The growing demand for safe, convenient, and single-use water-soluble pods will undoubtedly increase the demand for water-soluble pods machine, which is automatic with high volume production capacity and computerized temperature, speed, and pressure control parameters.

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What are the Key Opportunities Shaping the Consumption of Water Pod Soluble Machines?

The water-soluble pods are extensively used in packages of laundry detergents and dish wash liquids. With the growing demand for beauty and spas, water-soluble pods are now being used in cosmetics and beauty care as shaving creams. Consumers have become more accustomed to using water-soluble single-unit dose pods on dishwashing and laundry detergents; now, they also find single-serve mini pods of shaving creams as stand-up pouches.

Therefore the growing demand for single-dose packaging, considering the less wastage, perfectly measured standardized packaging, and the increasing demand for sustainable packaging will enhance the demand for the water-soluble pods market. The water-soluble pod’s machines are highly automatic, which reduces labour costs and saves maintenance costs. The water-soluble pod machines will have a significant market demand due to their high efficiency and productivity.

What are the Key Challenges that may Restrain Growth of the Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

Water soluble pods such as detergents pods. They come with the plastic container which may or may not be recyclable. These pods contain a very damaging chemical cocktail. Due to this, the pods will have a negative impact on the environment and will also contribute to aquatic toxicity. Thus the consumers will refrain themselves from buying these water soluble pods. This will impact the water pod soluble machines market negatively.

Competitive Landscape

Key players such as

  • Green Sustainable Packaging Inc.
  • Eme Engel Machinefabriek en Engineering B.V.
  • Cloud Packaging Solutions LLC and others

are actively involved in water pod soluble machines market for different applications. Key Asian players such as Foshan Polyva Materials Co., Ltd, Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd, Ka Packing Tech Co., Ltd., Furis Group Co., Ltd, HengYuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., and others are actively involved in water pod soluble machines market for different applications.

What strategies are the Key Players Adopting for Increasing their Market Share in Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

The manufacturers involved in manufacturing water pod soluble machines market adopt various strategies such as innovation and product launch, to serve the increasing demand for the water pod soluble machines market.

  • In May 2017, Cloud Packaging Solutions LLC produced Hydroforma 165 water-soluble pod machine. The machine holds the capacity to produce 2,200 pods per minute, and the machine has 165 features new cavity designs and expanded dry and liquid material handling. The company also manufactured a Hydroforma 330 water-soluble pod packaging machine that produces 1,200 pods and 540 pouches for powder and liquid applications.

Why is China a Big Market for the Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

Water-soluble pods are the fastest FMCG category product for household applications.  It is now proliferating in the personal care and beauty packaging industry. Consumers have become more aware of the convenience, one-time usability, and performance benefits of water-soluble pods.

The rising disposable income of the consumers and the trend for eco-friendly sustainable packaging will generate high demand. Many Chinese manufacturers dominate the market for globally designing unique, high-quality, customer-centric water pod soluble machines. Therefore, the growing consumer’s preference is driven by consistency, waste reduction, and excellent quality will expand the water-soluble pod machine market.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Water Pod Soluble Machines Market?

Manufacturing and supply-chain operations disruptions negatively impacted many industries across the globe due to stringent lockdowns and travel restrictions by various Government authorities.  The consumer’s demand for non-essential products is also reduced due to eliminating the expenses and budget restraints. All these elements have adversely affected the water-soluble pod machine market demand.

But considering the single-use application of water-soluble pods, safe and convenient to use, the consumers preferred it as the most hygienic, safe, and secure packaging solution during the pandemic. The government’s initiative to lift the lockdown restrictions and revamp the industrial sector will boost the water-soluble pod machine market.

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Key Segments of Water Pod Soluble Machines Market Covered in the Report

Based on Machine Type:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic

Based on Bag Type:

  • Pillow Seal
  • 3-side Seal
  • 4-side Seal
  • Gusset Seal
  • Pyramid Seal

Based on Application:

  • Washing Powder
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Laundry Detergent Packs
  • Building Chemicals (Concreate Filaments)
  • Dissolving Bath Salts
  • Pouched Soap Products
  • Insect Repellent

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