With a 6.2% CAGR from 2022 to 2032, the market for lignin waste is expected to increase from US$ 801.81 million in 2022 to US$ 1475.56 million by 2032.

Lignin, an organic aromatic substance which bind cells, fibers and vessels of wood and lignified elements of plant, it is a highly phenolic polymer that help plant give their physical arrangement. Next to cellulose, lignin is the most generic renewable source available on earth. Lignin is a natural antioxidant which trap free radicals and absorbs UV radiations. This property of lignin is bringing interest of sunscreen manufacturers to use lignin coating on TIO2 chemical in sunscreen.

When wood is processed into paper pulp, lignin is produced as a waste product.  As a natural renewable product obtained in a very affordable price, lignin is widely succeeding admiration over the past few years, earning high potential market in variety of applications including bio- refineries, dispersants and carbon fibers. Carrying natural oxidant property, lignin is widely used in cosmetic and topical formulation.

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Based on its purity lignin are of different types ranging from low purity lignin, lignosulfonate, kraft lignin, organosolv to high grade lignin respectively. As the purity of lignin increases volume of production decreases and accordingly lignin applications.

Global Lignin Waste Market: Drivers & Restraints

The growth of lignin waste market is driven by the raise in concern about value added product development all over the globe. For making lignin in practice it is important to make lignin soluble in water and when it is chemically modified to become soluble in water, the lignin product is known as lignin – sulphonate which is widely used for dispersant applications followed by binders and adhesive applications. Major end use market include construction, mining, animal feeds and in cosmetics. Lignin is one of the low cost,  primary carbon source raw material available abundantly therefore commercial applications including pesticides, fertilizers binders and resins have been increasing rapidly over couple of year.

In between growing market demand of lignin waste products, still there is a barrier faced by lignin manufacturer especially because lignin is mostly ignored by product, as a result few participants emerged with commercial solutions based on this material. Other factors which resist the growth is lack of consistency in the end product of lignin waste as well as lack of research and development in promoting lignin market.

Global Lignin Waste Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographies, Lignin waste market is segmented into seven regions — North America’s lignin waste market, Latin America’s lignin waste market, Eastern Europe’s lignin waste market, Western Europe lignin waste market, APEJ lignin waste market, Japan lignin waste market and the Middle East & Africa’s lignin waste market. Among the regions mentioned above, Lignin market is dominated by North America region through accounting significant market share of lignosulphonate product over other lignin products. North America is followed by Eastern Europe, Asia Specific Excluding Japan and Latin America respectively.  Among all the regions Asia specific excluding Japan is estimated to grow chiefly in the key application of lignin market covering concrete additive segment of lignin product varieties.

Global Lignin Waste Market: Key Players

Worldwide, lignin waste market is highly intense, with top five players accounting over global market in 2015. The key players operating in the global lignin waste market include Aditya Birla Chemicals, Changzhou Shanfeng Chemical Industry Co. Ltd, Borregaard LignotTech, Asian Lignin Manfacturing Pvt Ltd, Lignol Energy Corporation, Domtar Corporation, Guangdong Jiangmen Ganhua Co. Ltd., Green Value,  Mead-Westvaco (MWV), Liquid Lignin Company LLC, Tembec Inc.,  Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd., The Dallas Group of America, Northway Lignin Chemical

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Global Lignin Waste Market: Segmentation

The global lignin waste market is segmented on the basis of lignin product, application and region.

On the basis of product, the global lignin waste market is segmented into:

  • Kraft lignin
  • Lignosulphonate
  • Others (including Organosolv Lignin, etc.)

On the basis of lignin applications, the global lignin waste market is segmented into:

  • Concrete Additives
  • Dyestuff
  • Others (including Cosmetics, Absorbents, etc.)
  • Animal Stuff

On the basis of geography, the global lignin waste market is segmented into:

  • Asia Specific
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

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