Connected Technology Drives Efficient Energy Management in Households

With the technological advent, mankind is surrounded by various devices that could simplify the routine lifestyle and perform regular tasks at an improved speed, and with high accuracy – when compared to manual performance. Connected homes or smart homes is one such intelligent technological innovation that modernizes homes into a connected system that can be controlled and monitored dynamically. Having said that, the addition of connected homes to the list of impactful technologies discovered in recent decades, has given life a whole new dimension.

Connected homes are playing a vital role in the growing implementation of the smart city concept worldwide. The idea of connected homes is the perfect combination of advanced communication and home area networks, facilitating a series of critically important tasks in households with the help of relevant data. Right from high level monitoring and tracking of electricity usage and overall energy consumption, to allowing complete control over connected appliances, the connected homes technology is transforming the way households have been working over the years.

Voice-control enabled connected homes – An initiative towards efficient energy management

A value-based smart home brand, Jeeo, easing its way towards designing energy efficient homes, recently announced its first step in the smart and connected homes realm – with voice-control enabled devices such as smart light bulbs. The company’s Wi-Fi LED light bulbs can be directly connected to a home Wi-Fi network, offering brightness and scheduling control through their mobile app. The color lamps come with special recurring features, which enable the lamps to adjust the intensity of light and temperature accordingly. Similar features are likely to regulate the energy consumption patterns within households, eventually extending support to a sustainable lifestyle.

Optimum energy usage is the ultimate objective

With the growing use of electronics and Internet enabled devices, there is tremendous amount of energy consumption, which needs to be managed efficiently so as to support a few more devices as well. The connected homes technology facilitates this through controlling the energy usage either from home or remotely. From smart thermostats that regulate indoor temperature according to external weather conditions, to smart controllers that switch off the lights of unoccupied rooms, this technology holds the potential to take the control of everything inside the futuristic homes. Optimal management of energy consumption has been one of most sought after research areas over the past few decades, which is evidently gaining momentum with the connected homes technology.

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