Innovations in Hospital Information Systems to Enhance Quality of Healthcare Delivery & Patient Experience

The healthcare system has come a long way over the decades, and is continually evolving to consistently improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Hospital information system has been an impactful technological breakthrough, enabling effective patient records maintenance and efficient patient data management – to aid healthcare professionals in delivering a higher level of experience to patients. With the growing adoption of information systems by hospitals and other healthcare entities, the industry has been witnessing visible transformation in their inventory functionality, in addition to an improved administration system.

As hospital information systems contain all the minor and critical data related to patients, the utilization of these systems can potentially help healthcare professionals provide customized treatments. While this still remains a relatively less untapped area, it certainly has the capability to assist medical professionals with quick and hassle-free information access.

Mubadala Healthpoint is keeping up with the cutting edge Hospital Information Systems

In collaboration with Cerner, Mubadala Healthpoint has recently upgraded to the latest version of Hospital Information Systems. The simplicity and reliability with which this hospital information system has been designed are expected to act as the help desk for patients to help them understand the entire treatment process. The hospital association would be able to keep consistent records helping them access the right information at the right time, and eventually deciding the correct line of treatment. With this new advancement in their system, Mubadala Healthpoint aspires to achieve greater standards of providing excellent healthcare to their patients.

Advanced Cardiac Centres at PGIMER to deploy information systems for Anesthesia

The deployment of Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) that would be linked to the existing hospital information system of the PGIMER operation theatres, is another innovation on the hospital information systems space. While this innovation is intended to aggregate patient data from the equipment used during surgeries, it will allow real-time visualization of the patient data even from distant locations. Such a system is efficiently performs data analysis and predictive analysis for decision making with respect to the safety of patients.

The widespread application of information technology in other fields is seeing its traces in the healthcare sector as well. With an efficient and up-to-date hospital information system, providing better treatments and healthcare has become relatively more feasible for hospitals and other facilities. This approach helps not only to treat hospitalized patients well but also to assist patients once they discharge. Hospital information systems have therefore, triggered the power of technology into the healthcare sector.

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