The global shift towards sustainable automotive alternatives is triggered several innovations in numerous sectors. The bolstering ‘green’ initiatives are further fueling the demand for electrified automotive fleet. Electric boats are amongst such green automotive alternatives gaining traction in the boating industry and are capturing popularity over time. Manufacturers are witnessing a surging demand for electric boats from commercial operators across the globe, requesting a range of applications for electric boats that are yet to be anticipated by producers of electric boats. Owing to this, they are ramping up production of electric boats to supply this demand growth. Conventional boat manufacturers are also focusing on the production of electric boats to reduce the carbon footprint and cater to the changing consumer preferences.

Innovative Electric Boats to Replace Conventional Boats on a Large-Scale

The electric boats are being greatly preferred by end-users over the conventional diesel and gasoline powered boats that are contributing to the rising pollution. Eco-friendly electric boats address the needs for alternative energy powered boats, hence, attracting a large consumer base. Various manufacturers are launching new and advanced electric boats that cater to various needs.

For instance, Templar Marine Group Ltd. launched its first plug-in electric boat for the North American market. This electric boat, called the Templar Cruiser 26 is specially designed for the pleasure craft market in the region. Claimed to be one of the largest electric boats for recreational purpose, this electric boat is completely electric and eco-friendly having features such minimal noise and maintenance, and the boat is ideal for year-round boating. Moreover, the innovative design and absence of fuel tank and the internal combustion engines, make it a very lightweight electric boat.

Apart from the recreational application areas, other electric boat producers are also witnessing demand for electric boats from other potential avenues. Manufacturers are extending the capabilities of electric boats by producing application-specific electric boats for this purpose. The pump-out boats that pull up to other boats to empty their waste tank into its holding tank and unload the waste into sewer lines are also being innovated. Connecticut witnessed the launch of a revolutionary electric boat, the electric pump-out boat, which is the claimed to the only one-of-its-kind. Equipped with Torqeedo electric engines powered by the solar panels on its console, this first-ever electric pump-out boat will be used to pump sewage from Branford River and Branford Harbor boats. Such electric boats embrace the idea of clean air and water, energy efficiency, innovative application of technology and a healthier marine manufacturing economy.

Indonesian eco-friendly resorts are also eyeing on launching electric boats as a crucial contribution to protect the bio-diverse ecosystem underwater. For instance, the new eco dive resort in Raja Ampat, electrified its dive boats with the launch of the electric boat. Although not completely eco-friendly, the resort plans to work on charging the boats with the help of solar energy, which they are conventionally using to power most of the resort.

Solar-Powered Hybrid boats to Gain Major Consumer Attraction

Hybrid boats are powered by solar energy, owing to which they are emerging as a popular alternative on account of the zero-emission attributes of these boats. Moreover, the hybrid boats are also being preferred for being lightweight owing to the deployment of solar panels. Apart from these features, enhancements such as noise reductions are also boosting the demand for these type of electric boats. Revolutionary technologies such as the new Hybrid boating technology by Volva, which would allow boats to be operated with both electric power as well as diesel in parallel that would be available commercially in 2021, are expected to boost several developments in the boating industry.

Solar powered boats are gaining major significance across the globe. For instance, a solar-powered boat was demonstrated in India’s Dal Lake, which was designed by a team of students and can run after being charged through solar energy. The government further looks forward to implementing solar-powered electric boats for the purpose of reducing pollution.

The burgeoning demand for sustainable transport has been a key growth driver for the overall electric boats landscape. The detailed electric boats landscape study offers a detailed overview of the electric boats market.

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