Increasing number of joint ventures in phycocyanin market is expected to provide a better and fully developed phycocyanin, thereby introducing new ingredients in the global market. Healthy growth of phycocyanin market is anticipated for 2019 with rapid surge in demand for the natural products from across the globe. Nowadays, growing inclination of consumers towards the natural products is witnessed, on account of rising awareness regarding harmful effects of the synthetic compounds. This in turn has resulted in extensive research on the microalgae, as major source of natural pigments, thereby fuelling growth of phycocyanin market worldwide.

Launch of New Product with Phycocyanin Extracts to Enhance Milk Production

A Turkish biotechnology institute recently launched MilkBoost-19, a nanotechnologic (herbal and natural) spray for increasing milk production. This product is formed with nanocapsulated extracts of phycocyanin, astaxanthin, ocimum sanctum, alchemilla, trigonella foenum-graecum, cuminum cyminum and Actaea racemosa L. It helps in provoking the oxytocin hormone, thereby stimulating nasal nerves, resulting in increased prolactin benefitting in higher milk production. Most of all, the product also helps in enhancing the quality and fat content in milk, thereby reducing the required feed amount.

Re-Launch of Spirulina-Fortified Water to Enhance Offerings Based on Phycocyanin

A French startup invested heavily in R&D and now is re-launching its Spirulina-fortified water with improved stability and taste of that is extremely temperature sensitive and most of all, any change in desired environmental conditions could destroy the entire phycocyanin-based product. Springwave is highly beneficial for the customers as it offers higher content of minerals, vitamins and phycocyanin, thereby making it an exclusive antioxidant-rich drinking water, holding immense revitalizing properties as well.

New Clinical Trial Reveals Phycocyanin Benefitting Obese Individuals

A new clinical trial in Mexico recently revealed, growing consumption of arthrospira maxima along with systematic physical exercise significantly benefitting in greater weight loss, thereby reducing time for reaching fatigue as well as onset of the lactate development in blood. Dietary supplements formulated with algae (Spirulina) is likely to witness growing consumption in US with surging demand for juices, energy bars and smoothies. Wide-ranging variety of phytonutrients such as phycocyanin that are rich in protein content are gaining significant traction amongst the obese individuals since the recent past.

Development of Phycocyanin Powder in Canada to Enhance Nutritional Benefits

Booster Juice Ltd., manufacturer of smoothies and fresh juice in Canada recently introduced phycocyanin powder in its product portfolio of innovative and advanced health food products. The company has taken immense efforts in blending smoothies with phycocyanin powder, benefitting its customer-base with anti-inflammatory properties and nutritional benefits including Vitamin B and most of all, is appealing to the vegans and vegetarians who lack nutrients in their diets. This initiative is also a part of food trend in North America that is fast gaining grounds in the plant-based source products.

New Research Finds Phycocyanin Inspiring Modern Solar Technology

Scientists recently took a deep-dive on proteins and discovered a well-known protein, phycocyanin being highly responsible for accumulating solar energy in the cyanobacteria, thereby holding significant for oxygen production as well. This ability of phycocyanin can further help in developing cutting-edge and smart solar technologies that can cater to the challenges faced by existing solar technologies regarding adapting to the fluctuating climatic conditions. This research holds possibilities for the solar devices that can convert solar energy with higher efficiency such as the flexible, smart and bio-inspired solar panels might not need regular cleaning and perfect sunny weather for attaining higher efficiency.

Joint Ventures in U.S. to Stimulate Production of Phycocyanin

Production cost of Spirulina microalgae, parent product of phycocyanin is very economical in U.S. However, phycocyanin pigments are likely to find growing applications in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food supplements as well as dietary supplements including milk shakes, sweet cake decoration, desserts, alcoholic drinks, chewing gum, soft drinks, ice-creams and fermented milk products. Dietary supplements manufacturing companies in the U.S. are taking immense efforts in entering into joint ventures for enhancing their capabilities and to develop synergistic partnership. For example, recently Valensa International, manufacturer of dietary ingredients based in Florida with EID Parry, its parent company have announced a new JV (joint venture) with Synthite Industries Ltd., oleoresin extraction business in India. This JV is inclusive of Million dollar investment for developing a new plant, in order to extract Parry Organic Spirulina for producing phycocyanin that Valensa would be developing for medical foods, functional foods and dietary supplements.

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