Electric Fabric Shavers Market Outlook

The textile industry is one of the oldest branches of consumer goods manufacturing in the world. It is a heterogeneous sector which covers the whole production chain of modifying natural and chemical fibers such as wool, cotton, and others into end-user products include household goods, garments, clothes, as well as industrial textiles. Various textiles have different properties, and knitted clothes are very much prone to pilling. It is not easy for some people to throw a luxury item of clothes that moment it starts to pill. However, pilled clothing can look dull, old, and even messy. According to an independent study, the American population throws away around 10.5 million tons of clothing annually which goes into landfills and only 15% of their clothes are recycled or donate per year. Therefore, companies are seeking innovative solutions to hold onto these waste clothes or making them presentable enough to donate or reused. Pills form on the clothes are difficult to remove, so, they require more aggressive products such as electric fabric shavers which can also encourage one not to throw out their old clothes too frequently. Electric fabric shavers help in removing tiny balls called pills that form on old couches, sweaters, and other fabric covered products. Electric fabric shavers can make damaged out clothes appearance brand new as well as feel entirely smooth again. The thickness of the cloth will determine which type of electronic fabric shavers is appropriate.

Reasons for Covering Electric Fabric Shavers Market Title

Rise in the textile industry, growing consumer’s desire for portable devices with high battery backup and comfortable to use during traveling or commuting along with increasing consumers brand loyalty are the factors influencing the growth of the electric fabric shavers market in the near future. Additionally, expanding product premiumization trend, new product launch with innovative features such as stainless steel blades, typically faster, and efficient compared to manual fabric shavers is some other factors fueling the growth of the electric fabric shavers market during the forecast period. However, availability of hundreds of alternatives in the market such as manual fabric shavers coupled with growing safety standards may hinder the growth of electric fabric shavers market during the forecast period.

Global Electric Fabric Shavers: Market Segmentation

On the basis of end-use, the global electric fabric shavers market has been segmented as – Residential, Commercial; On the basis of sales channel, the global electric fabric shavers market has been segmented as– Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Specialty Stores, Multi-brand Stores, Online Stores, Independent Small Stores

Global Electric Fabric Shavers Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global electric fabric shavers market are Gleener Company, Butler Home Products, LLC, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Sunbeam Products, Inc., 1byone, Inc., House of Wonderful Company, Conair Corporation, Hyman Inc., Pepin Manufacturing, Inc., The Emerson Electric Company, The Fabric Care Company, and others.

Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, though more resilient compared to natural fibers are more prone to pilling as well as workout clothing such as yoga pants, sports clothing made from synthetic fiber to withstand the rigorous activities have more chances of pills are some of the leading factors driving the growth of the global electric fabric shavers market. Moreover, parents spend lots of money on kid’s clothes as increasing need for special clothing for extracurricular activities; thus electric fabric shavers can be an essential electronic device to remove pills from clothes and make them reusable is expected to grow the electric fabric shavers market during the forecast period.

Opportunities for Global Electric Fabric Shavers Market Participants

Growing textile industry in developing countries such as India and China as this sector is making a significant contribution in terms of forex earnings as well as employment is the factor due to which electric fabric shavers market revenue is expected to grow at a rapid growth rate, over the forecast period. Today, textile industry accounts for around 14% of India’s industrial production, and about 27% of export earnings are from textiles and clothing alone. Moreover, consumers are demanding for customizing electric fabric shavers for more delicate fabric so that they can control the pressure coupled with they are also seeking for large pill cup electronic fabric shavers for multi-purpose to minimize the need to stop and empty it frequently is the primary factor accelerating the growth of the electric fabric shavers market.

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