In order to meet the global demand for meat, a U.S. based startup, Impossible Foods found a scalable, affordable, and sustainable way to prepare meat, without causing an impact on the livestock. Recently, Impossible Foods launched a next-gen vegan burger at Consumer Electronics Show that tastes exactly like beef. In burger 2.0, the patty is made by extracting the plant protein with a view to create a big impact by reducing the amount of land used for raising livestock and supporting its production. The company received a funding of about $400 Mn, including that from Bill Gates, for the development of a plant-based product that stimulates the flavor of real beef.

In a research, scientists of the company found a molecule called, “heme”, which is responsible for providing the same flavor as that of meat. Plants contain a heme protein called soy leghemoglobin, which is fermented and used in this high-tech vegan burger. The burger contains no gluten, antibiotics, or hormones. Additionally, it has cleared the halal and kosher certification.

Burger 2.0 is competent in taste as well as in terms of minerals. It provides the same amount of protein and bioavailable iron as provided by a hamburger. The patty is prepared from the extracts of plant protein. The burger tastes equally delicious as compared to any meat dish, minces, meat pies, meatballs, or any beefy products.

A Peek into the Background of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, located in California, aims at preparing mouth-watering, nutritious, and meat & dairy based products by extracting nutrition-rich contents from plants by causing only a little damage to the environment than the one caused by livestock production. The company extensively makes use of contemporary science and technology along with advance food engineering to support plant-based products and protect the environment.

Post its debut on January 7, impossible burger is now available at America’s top 20 most-revered restaurants. By next week, 200 burger-chains of America will have this high-tech burger listed in their menu. In the upcoming weeks, the next-gen burger is anticipated to be accepted by 5,000+ restaurants.

Not just U.S., the impossible burgers have taken even Macau and Hong Kong on a swirl. Impossible burgers rock the menu card of 100+ restaurants in these regions. The company is convinced to end its year by launching a new recipe in Singapore.

With the environmental catastrophe that livestock production causes and the increasing need to be vegan, Impossible Foods is making a remarkable footprint in the food and beverages industry.

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