Sabio brisk walks to extend its workforce optimization capability (WOC) by acquiring a Workforce Optimization Company, Callware that has its operational hub in Mexico and Spain. The acquisition is aimed at strengthening and enhancing Sabio’s regional capacity in order to develop as the largest independent contact center in Spain. With Callware’s expertise in the field of Speech Analytics, Customer Experience Optimization Process, and Workforce Optimization, Sabio will be able to establish itself as a leading provider of Workforce Optimization solutions assisted with business consultancy. Getting Callware’s proficiency on-board, Sabio will deliver value-added services to its clients across the world.

With Sabio – Callware acquisition, Sabio will be able to work for Callware’s clients like Atento, Orange and Securitas, Banco Sabadell, and BBVA. This will consequently help Sabio bag a few more skills with the rich-experience brought in by Callware. With this merger, Callware gets an opportunity to advance its business propositions and leverage its impressively growing customer portfolio to meet the solutions of the digital challenges faced of the modern businesses. Additionally, since Callware is based in Mexico, Sabio will find it easier to further strengthen its participation in the Intelligent Communications Alliance (ICA) in South and Central America.

Sabio – A Background of the Company

Sabio, found in 1998, has consistently showcased its immense potential by delivering top-notch technological solutions in the customer service vicinity. With the aim to revolutionize the current customer service operations across the world, Sabio has witnessed an organic growth and is currently supporting the clients in 50+ countries. Callware records an impressive success rate, on account of its experience in Speech Analytics. This will further assist Sabio gain a designation of an independent solution provider across the world. In the last two years, Sabio has notably performed and delivered an approximate annual international sales growth of 25.4%. With two successful decades that Sabio has seen, acquisition of Callware will aid it further deliver the best of its customer-facing technological solutions.

Callware laid its foundation in 1994 and since then, it has been a market leader facilitating unified messages, voicemail, auto attendant, and unified communication solutions that streamlines the communication process, its productivity, and cuts down the expenses. In 2016, Horizon Capital invested £30 Mn in Sabio to help it improve its business operations as well as fund its acquisitions. Post the funding, Sabio is moving at a brisk pace to diversify the company’s solution portfolio along with its geographic reach.

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